As shared on our most recent YOBcast, we are indeed exploring the possibility of birthing a literal sister site — Your Other Sisters. Like YOB, YOS would be a storytelling community of Jesus-followers committed to a traditional sexual ethic, just geared more toward women. A place to navigate matters of femininity along with faith and sexuality.

We’re in an exploratory phase and would love to find more women interested in participating, or at least intrigued by the notion of forming such a community. So if that’s you, please shoot us an email with “YOS” in the subject line!

contact [at] yourotherbrothers [dot] com

Additionally, if you know a woman who may be interested in participating, please forward this notice along. We’d love to be in touch about next steps down the road!

We’re excited to lean into this possibility of expanding our community beyond YOB. Perhaps even further beyond YOS one day? We just want to reach whomever we’re able and reaffirm this simple yet once inconceivable truth: you are not alone.

And then comes the journey that proceeds from that pivotal point . . .

Comment below if you have any public thoughts to share, and don’t forget to email us privately. We’re always eager to hear from our community!

Listen to the full snippet of our YOS conversation on our most recent YOBcast:

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