Just when you thought our Enneagram series was finished — we’re back with another Ennea episode! We promise this ConvoCast will actually be the last one on the Enneagram (at least for a good while). We wanted to tie a bow on this series by bringing back Ben, who helped kick off this series on YOBcast 095, talking with somebody who doesn’t identify as one particular Enneagram type but with multiple ones.

This final episode of the series is for the “Enneagram wanderers” and “Enneagram prodigals” — those who find themselves bouncing and searching among several types, and those more apathetic (or perhaps antagonistic?) with the Enneagram. We hope this broader conversation on decision-making, vices, and virtues resonates wherever you stand with (or even against) the Enneagram!

We start the conversation by diving into the three intelligence centers, as Ben tells us how he uses his heart, his head, and his gut as a maybe Two-Six-Nine. Tom also shares times when he’s extended beyond his Four’s heart center to utilize his head and gut — including how YOB’s very formation in 2015 was rooted in that gut instinct. We close the episode by talking about the nine vices and nine virtues of the Enneagram, including anger at the church, avarice among other men, and our journey with lust and sobriety. Indeed, we really can glean something from all the types, not just fixating on our own.

Does Ben finally decide on his Enneagram type by the end of the episode? Listen below and find out! And thanks for all the support for this series. After a nice long break, we’ll finally be back with a new YOBcast next time!




What did you enjoy most about this Enneagram series? Did anything challenge you?

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  • I have never heard of the Enneagram test before this, and I looked into it, and took it. I am not one that depends on something “man” has invented. I just trust the Lord knows me, and I am aware of who I am and my weaknesses. I tend to be old fashioned, and distrust this type of “Analogy” of personality traits. So I do feel the same as you, it is interesting, but I will not put my trust in it’s conclusions. I do not desire this to become a type of idolatry.
    Thank you for posting this……I look forward to be apart of YOB as I have now joined in the Zoom group, with Discord.
    The Lord bless you……

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