After a summer of Enneagram ConvoCasts, we’re back with a new YOBcast! It’s a two-part episode where we dive into some stories in Scripture that speak to us as SSA/LGBT+ people of faith wrestling with these matters of sexuality and masculinity. For Part 1, Tom is joined by Ben and Will to discuss Hagar, Rahab, the woman at the well, and the early church.

We also spend some time catching up with one another after a long break! Ben moved to another part of the Mitten, Will gives a strong take on instant coffee, and Tom traded his smartphone for a dumb-phone. We get a little crazy in the opening, and we also announce our next YOBBERS retreat coming this November! We’d love to see you there.

Enjoy this big comeback episode, and join us next time for Part 2 of Scripture Stories with Ryan and Aaron! And please, if you would, call the YOBline before our big 100th episode celebration!



What are some of your favorite stories from Scripture that speak to your journey with faith, homosexuality, and masculinity?

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