Tom welcomes back Marshall to talk about things DEFINITELY NOT related to the Enneagram whatsoever. Marshall catches us up with his busy life on the farm, including a major life update of a dear friend’s impending marriage. Marshall shares both the negative and positive emotions involved in this coming change to the friendship, including being asked to be a groomsman. He reads from John 3:29 and discusses his joy as a “friend of the bridegroom,” and the guys discuss the effects of marriage on a mostly single/celibate community like YOB.

Tom also debuts an exciting new prop for the ConvoCast! And he affirms Marshall as a great dancer at weddings. Listen to our full conversation below as the ConvoCast returns to its usual half-hour length with (mostly) lack of Enneagram focus!


How have you navigated the changing season of a friend’s marriage? How have you reacted to being asked (or not asked) to be the best man or a groomsman?


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