Our holiday hiatus ends, and the new year begins with returning guest and community member, Adam! Adam joins Tom to talk about staying positive in this Side B life as we learn more of his story. We explore our top strengths from Strengths Finder and recount some of our favorite retreat moments this past fall. Adam also shares what he’s excited for in 2023, including Second Christmas!


How do you stay positive in this life? What’s one thing you’re excited about for 2023?

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  • This is refreshing to hear someone talk about positivity. Because of my struggles with same sex attraction I don’t think positivity would be an attribute of mine. Perhaps one day I can have some positivity in me.

    • Positivity absolutely can be contagious. I’ve felt the infection spread in my own life when I’m intentional with positive people. I hope the fever spreads to you, brother!

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