YOB’s second value of humility follows on the heels of hope: a lowly acorn under a star in the night sky. A place of patience and constant surrender as we wait and trust for a greater story beyond anything we could write for ourselves. Join Tom, Ben, and Will for a discussion of what humility is and what humility isn’t; of pride, shame, self-deprecation, and more competing terms. Plus, we callback our last episode differentiating hope vs. expectation.



When have you hit a place of surrender to the story God wants to write in you? How has God met you on your knees, and where do you still await his provision?

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  • Thanks for the Humility Podcast!
    Tom, I seriously love when you breakout of the podcast and talk quietly, reading scripture or telling a story with music playing in the background. Looking forward to the rest of the seven. Peace my brother.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Aaron! I enjoy putting together those benedictions. Grateful for them to land with you and any who listen. Be blessed, and walk in HUMILITY.

  • Thank you for an excellent discussion on humility and what it is and isn’t. I think this is one of the best podcast episodes that YOB has ever produced!

    As for submitting to God’s plans for my life, over the past 12 months I have felt more sure that ever about God’s call for me to live a celibate life, a journey which started over 30 years ago. That decision has coincided with the end of a 5 year consultation in the Church of England on identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage which involved everyone in the church who was willing to participate. (I took part.) The bishops, who were tasked with drawing conclusions from the consultation: firstly, apologised, quite rightly, for the church’s homophobia and exclusion and rejection of queer Christians in the past; left untouched the existing restriction of marriage in church to opposite sex couples; but also put forward prayers which priests may use to bless and affirm same -sex relationships. These decisions have now been ratified by a majority vote in all three houses of General Synod.

    I think the bishops were genuinally attempting to hold together a church which could yet fracture on the issue of gay marriage. In the event they appear to have enraged some conservative Christians, whilst some affirming groups seem to think that after ‘one more heave’, or a few more heaves, they will get gay marriage in the Church of England over the line.

    One problem for me is that, unlike the study materials, the bishops’ conclusions make no mention of, do no commend, and make no apparent provision for, Christians who are same-sex attracted but live a celibate/side B life. It is possible that further pastoral provisions will make up this deficiency, but at the moment I feel very marginalised. I imagine that others in my situation feel the same.

    In this situation, YOB is, more than ever, an important ally. I remain very grateful for your ministry. Please could you remember the Church of England in your prayers at this time. YOB remains, as ever, in my prayers.

    • First off, Ian, thanks for the love for this episode! I thought it was a great conversation as well. I’m blessed by Ben and Will (and the other guys) coming on these episodes with me. I thought the feedback from our community was just excellent this episode as well! Secondly, I’ll be praying for you and fellow UK community members. That the Lord meets you in the margins and you find comfort there. It’s where Jesus loved going best, and I pray you encounter him there.

      • Thank you for your encouragement, Tom. YOB is indeed blessed with excellent contributors to the podcasts and the community!

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