Marshall missed his first YOB retreat last fall due to his job, and Tom thinks it’s a hate crime! Tom responds to Marshall’s latest YOB blog about his straight male friends who have endured beyond their marriages to women. Marshall shares about the feelings he recently fielded watching housemate James get married, as well as catching up with old friend Ben who has a child now. Marshall also dishes about his friendship with another married housemate we’ll call “Geraldo,” along with James’ and “Geraldo’s” wives, who are also his housemates! They talk about the blessings of conflict management and how friendships may come and go through the seasons of life.

Ultimately, how does Marshall stay upbeat about friendships once those wedding vows are exchanged? Does it take practice having joy for another’s joy despite the inevitable changing friendship, or is he just special as an Enneagram Two?



When have you seen friendships grow stronger through conflict? If you’re single, is it natural for you to have joy for friends who get married, or does joy feel difficult as the friendship changes?

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