Adam returns to discuss another of his (and Tom’s) greatest loves: Survivor! We share our origin stories with this beloved reality show that’s been airing since 2000. We spend the bulk of the episode pondering why Survivor has attracted a strong LGBTQ following over the years. Why do queer people love the show, and why do queer contestants generally do well on the show? Is survival in the game connected to survival outside the game? To close the episode, Tom and Adam share their favorite players from the first couple episodes of the currently airing season, Survivor 44! We also wonder whether our beloved show will ever feature a Side B queer contestant?


Do you also love Survivor? Tell us what first got you into the show or why you love it so much. Should we start a Survivor spinoff podcast?! And if you’re watching the current season, tell us who your favorites are!

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  • As a queer person who is not a fan of Survivor I wondered about the draw of the show. It was interesting listening to this and hear why you liked it. Perhaps you could put up a poll for Yobbers to see how many of us like vs. don’t like it.

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