How do we walk with integrity as Side B people? Must it include a wide-scale coming out, an authenticity of the external matching our internal selves? Which experiences have defined our convictions and courage to follow Jesus as we’re doing? Join Tom, Aaron, and Will for this discussion on YOB’s fifth value, including the origin stories of incorporating more Jesus into our content as well as determining our symbol for integrity: cairns on a path!


Which experiences have shaped your convictions on this journey? What is integrity defined for you?

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  • I really enjoyed listening to the show on integrity. My word for the year is integrity or honesty and I’m trying to be more real with my friends. I think I feel like I have to share with everyone, but now I’m really gonna listen to when God tells me to share my story with someone. It’s not that I’ve been burned necessarily, but there are times that I wonder if the relationship would have been a little different if they didn’t know every thing about me. Since I found you YOBBERS you have made a huge positive impact in my life. And I’m looking forward to coming to the retreat for the first time! Love you guys!

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