Well, hello there! I’m a banker from the midwest in my late twenties. As exciting as that is, I love to write in my free time. These days, I mostly write for the screen. I’m a storyteller by nature, and I have stories to share with you. Stories that some of you will hopefully be able to relate to or learn from. I am an Enneagram Two and an ENFJ. I love Jesus and I’m a coffee addict. Rarely am I found without a cup of coffee in my hands.
Can Christians Celebrate Pride Month?
How Can the Church Do Better With Singleness?
After experiencing similar frustrations with how churches often treat single people, gay or straight, Kevin and Adrian sat down for an honest conversation about their singleness experiences in the church and how the church can be better and move
Coming Out to My Parents as a Teenager
Coming Out to My Parents as a Teenager
A few days prior, I had sent my dad an email explaining that I was gay. I can't remember what all I said or how I said it, but looking back, that probably wasn't the best way to go about it. I was just too afraid to bring it up face to face; an email was easy to send. Hitting send on that coming out email to my dad felt like being pushed out of a plane: there was no turning back, and the parachute better well