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Christopher Eli


I will tell you no tall tales, but oh the tales I have to tell! I'm a hippy in my twenties. I'll be married soon. I've spent some life in a van, some life on a stage, some life up north, and a lot of life in someone else's shoes. My story is of how God broke me down to the quivering nerves of my own vulnerability, then lovingly built me back up, made me a man, taught me to run, and made me run wild. Now I run free into each new wilderness that He leads me into. My life is a story of romance, heartache, betrayal, forgiveness, loneliness, fulfillment, and a whole lot of Jesus. Come, let's be true together.

I Made Out with My Best Man the Night Before My Wedding

The night before my wedding, Elias and I shared a bed as we had done many times before. But this particular night a cruel sadness hung over us. A sense of finality to it all. We both knew everything would change after this night. We knew there wouldn’t be any more nights of cuddles and waking up beside each other; we knew this was the peak of our physical relationship.

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Sleeping with my Fiancee’s Bisexual Ex-Boyfriend Turned Me Straight?

We laughed long into the night. My fiancée and I lay on opposite sides of the van because we didn’t want to wake up together until we were married. So, that left Jonathan facing me. I faced away from him because I was afraid. The last time I’d been this physically close to a man, I’d had sex with him. I was so afraid.

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How I Lost My Best Friend to Sex

My pursuit has not been one of sex, though it wormed its way into my story and convinced me otherwise. My longing has been for the genuine, reciprocated love of a man. A man to hold and be held by, a man to weep with, laugh with, live with. A covenant companion. I once thought such a thing was outside God’s plan; praise God it wasn’t.

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