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C. Marque


I'm passionate about truth, and I'm passionate about people! This basically means that in real life I talk a lot! I was born into a conservative Christian family but born again into the Family of God at the age of 21. I was also born with a relentless aspiration to learn how everything works. It can be a blessing and a curse! The blessing being that I've learned a lot through good old-fashioned research and not being satisfied with myself until I am certain of the answer. The down side being that even though I'm His child, I can't know all that God knows, so my obsession with knowing clashes with God's plan of just believing and trusting Him!

Sharing My Testimony and Finding Healing

I think it’s ironic, but I really believe our stories may be better received by unbelievers than some churches. Fortunately, my story is different. Most people have patiently heard me out and graciously extended loving support.

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When We Pray Together

I’ve noticed a couple different aspects of when we pray together. About the unique power in the fact that I go to God with brothers at my side.

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How Badly Do I Want Healing?

Do I really want complete healing, or am I satisfied being a lifelong struggler? Is the self-pity I’ve surrounded myself with for so long too hard to leave?

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Discovering Homosexuality

Looking back, I know I was experiencing same-sex attraction at that age, even though I didn’t know what SSA or homosexuality was at the time.

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