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Elliott Gladwin

I am in my twenty-ninth year of life. A whimsical wanderer, though I feel homeless everywhere I go. A self-proclaimed "lost boy." A seeker of Truth. I am an artist, designer, creator, and maker. Graphic designer by trade though I enjoy creativity in all its forms. I am extremely sensitive and blessed with the curse of feeling all things deeply. Because of this I am prone to depression and crying but also outbursts of joy, laughter, and dancing. I am learning how to love myself. ENFP - Enneagram 4.

YOBcast Episode 028: Labels

Everyone uses labels to make sense of the world. But when do sexual identity labels do more damage than good? What parts of the story are sacrificed for our insistent labels? Tom and Elliott welcome back Frank for a serious discussion on Side A, Side B, and our journeys with labels.

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YOBcast Episode 026: Girls

Tom and Elliott welcome back Bradley and Frank for a discussion on girls. We cover friendship, mothers, and dating as we circle back to our concept of masculinity: how do girls affect our view of ourselves?

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YOBcast Episode 025: Best Friends

Tom and Elliott welcome back Tom’s younger brother, Andy, for his second YOBcast appearance. Also appearing for his second show is Dean, one of our authors who also happens to be Andy’s best friend. We talk about their relationship as best friends and what having a best friend means to all of us.

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YOBcast Episode 024: Temptation

What triggers us and how do we reckon with temptation? What’s the difference between a trigger and a temptation, and how do we face temptation during moments of weakness and vulnerability? Tom and Elliott welcome Bradley and Matt for a vulnerable conversation on triggers and temptation. We dive into the HALT acronym (hungry, angry, lonely, […]

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YOBcast Episode 023: Pornography

What is pornography? How early did we discover pornography, how has it evolved over the generations, and how do we combat it? Tom and Elliott welcome back Marshall for a long overdue conversation on pornography — particularly gay pornography. We discuss the definition of the term, our first exposures to pornography, and what we do […]

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YOBcast Rehash: Support Groups

Tom and Elliott return for a video rehash of our support groups podcast! Join Tom and Elliott as we walk down a city street filled with old churches for shenanigans and feedback from our recent episode. Thanks again to YOBBER Ryan for appearing on the show! Check out the comments on our podcast episode page, and don’t […]

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YOBcast Episode 022: Living Together

Can same-sex attracted guys live together? Is there ever any physical/sexual temptation? Aren’t there at least heavy emotional issues living in the same house? Tom, Elliott, and Bradley gather to discuss one of our most often asked questions: how do you three SSA guys live together in the same house? It’s an enlightening hour of […]

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YOBcast Rehash: Manliness

Tom and Elliott return for a rehash of our manliness podcast episode! It was our most critical episode yet, and we dive into some of the criticism. Check out the comments on our podcast episode page, and don’t forget to comment on future episodes for the chance to appear in a YOBcast Rehash video! You can […]

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YOBcast Rehash: 1-Year Podcast Anniversary

Welcome to another episode of the YOBcast Rehash! In this episode, Tom and Elliott roam the grounds of a golf course to answer questions and respond to feedback from our 1-Year Podcast Anniversary episode of the YOBcast. The biggest question: pushing that big red button to reset our sexuality. We had a lot of fascinating […]

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