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I used to go by John on this site before using my real name. I've spent my entire life living in the Peach State. However, I love driving and traveling around the country and even the world. I'm pretty much a goofy extrovert who loves to laugh and make others laugh (cue the terrible jokes). On a more serious note, I strive for intimacy and openness with people. Late-night conversations are the best. Currently, I am a young twenty-something trying to get my life together after quitting college (yay associates degrees!). I look forward to helping (or maybe even inspiring) strugglers all over the world through my life and this blog. This bio probably will change as I am learning more about myself along the way. Join me along the journey!

More Than Our Sexuality, Part 2

We love talking about meaningful, rarely discussed topics on this podcast; sometimes, though, it’s just good to laugh. We are more than our struggles, more than our weaknesses, and more than our sexuality. Tom and Elliott welcome back Frank and Joel for a follow-up to one of our more “controversial” episodes.

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My Straight Friend Was Emotionally Dependent on Me

Emotional dependency. Such a fun topic. Many of us SSA (same-sex attracted) brothers know the terminology all too well. We long for human connection with our gender. We feel like no other man understands us. 

No one wants to be near us. No one wants to know us. No one wants to be our friend. […]

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YOBcast Episode 020: Manliness

What is manliness? Who modeled manliness for us? Is there a one-size-fits-all model for manliness in today’s culture? As always, we thank our faithful Patreon supporters. This episode — and every episode — would not be possible without you. You fuel our show with comments, questions, and fantastic perspectives. Thank you, YOBBERS! If you love […]

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When Brotherhood Was Impossible

I’ve never really understood what brotherhood is…until now. As I grew older, my friendships quickly turned into emotional dependency and/or became slightly obsessive. I guess you could say the male relationships in my life were not what I wanted them to be.

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YOBcast Episode 007: Attraction

What is attraction? Are there variations among physical, emotional, and spiritual attraction — let alone for one gender over another? Join Tom, Elliott, Sam, John, and Will for a lively roundtable discussion on all things relating to attraction. It’s a broad topic, and we cover as much ground as we can within the hour — […]

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Coming Out for the First Time

To be completely honest, I don’t really like to call this a “coming out” story because I didn’t come out as gay. I just opened up my fragile heart to someone close for the first time. I was around 15 or 16 and with my best friend in my bedroom. We had just come back […]

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Where Do I Belong?

Hello readers! This is my first post on YOB and I hope all of you enjoy it. My name is John, and I want to belong. But wait. Doesn’t everyone? It seems that with the rise of social media “news groups” (i.e. BuzzFeed), there is a repetitive theme of aiming to relate to all people […]

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