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I used to go by John on this site before using my real name. I've spent my entire life living in the Peach State. However, I love driving and traveling around the country and even the world. I'm pretty much a goofy extrovert who loves to laugh and make others laugh (cue the terrible jokes). On a more serious note, I strive for intimacy and openness with people. Late-night conversations are the best. Currently, I am a young twenty-something trying to get my life together after quitting college (yay associates degrees!). I look forward to helping (or maybe even inspiring) strugglers all over the world through my life and this blog. This bio probably will change as I am learning more about myself along the way. Join me along the journey!

When Brotherhood Was Impossible

I’ve never really understood what brotherhood is…until now. As I grew older, my friendships quickly turned into emotional dependency and/or became slightly obsessive. I guess you could say the male relationships in my life were not what I wanted them to be.

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Coming Out for the First Time

I don’t really like to call this a coming out story because I didn’t come out as gay. I just opened up my fragile heart to someone close for the first time.

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Where Do I Belong?

My name is John, and I want to belong. But what makes me want to belong so badly?Because most of my life, I’ve felt lost.

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