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Matthew 'Áshįįhí

Hey y'all! Just an SSA, full-blooded Native American, ESTJ, Enneagram 8 here. I'm a very blunt person but know when people can't handle the whole truth. My job here is to tell you guys my story which is set up like a typical coffee shop, one-on-one talk. I'm here to challenge the way you think and encourage you spiritually. Hope you guys are ready!

I Crashed and Burned

After going through all the crap my church threw at me, however, my love of the Lord lessened and my love of sex grew again. I crashed and burned.

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The Day I Left My Church

I did my best not to break down, but I could feel the tears falling down my face. I sucked it up, took a deep breath, and walked out of the church.

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Banned from Youth Ministry

I was told I couldn’t serve in various areas of ministry, including the youth ministry and being around the younger children at the church.

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YOBcast Episode 004: YOB Retreat!

PODCAST WEEK concludes today with Episode 004. We hope you’re enjoying the show after few episodes. This one is my personal favorite of the first batch. I just love working with these other guys. Knowing them. In this episode, six blogging brothers unite at our annual YOB retreat! We remember last year’s inaugural retreat and discuss our […]

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