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Matthew 'Áshįįhí

Hey y'all! Just an SSA, full-blooded Native American, ESTJ, Enneagram 8 here. I'm a very blunt person but know when people can't handle the whole truth. My job here is to tell you guys my story which is set up like a typical coffee shop, one-on-one talk. I'm here to challenge the way you think and encourage you spiritually. Hope you guys are ready!

Goodbye, Old Friend…

Because of this small step, I would be able to be more open to other people in the future, telling them about my struggle with my sexuality.

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To Be or Not to Be Honest?

I’m a work in progress! Everyone is a work in progress, and that’s how life is. Slowly, but surely, we all strive to be what the Christian community calls holy!

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