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Thomas Caffrey

I’m a college student studying computer science in Southern California. One of my favorite things to do is heading to Starbucks with a good friend and talking for a few hours over coffee. I’m an ESFJ and an Enneagram 6. I really value community, both here on YOB and at school and church. A good song in my head is an essential part of a good day (never try to separate me from my Spotify Premium) and grocery shopping and cooking are my go-to stress relievers.

Finding Confidence Through Friendship

A couple years ago, my pastor and I grabbed coffee at Starbucks. “How’s your week been?” he asked as we sat down, me with my hot green tea and him with a cup of coffee. “I’ve had a few rough days this week,” I replied hesitantly. “School is stressing me out, and figuring out my […]

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My Greatest Fear in Coming Out

I’m so tired of it all: living two lives isn’t something I can maintain while also living a thriving life. Picking and choosing what I do and what I talk about whether I’m “out” to the person I’m with is terribly exhausting. My last post spoke of a time I overcame my fear and opened up […]

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