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Thomas Mark Zuniga

Chronic wanderer and melancholic delighter in the what-comes-next. I'm YOB's cofounder and editor, and I also host our podcast. I've written a couple books and first started fleshing out my story of faith and same-sex attraction years ago under the Xanga username "Two Beckonings." I'm an INFJ, Enneagram Type 4, and my favorite place is the one where coffee and vulnerability meet. Feel free to reach out if we've yet to connect; maybe it was ever ago planned that we one day would?

Debriefing Our First YOBBERS Retreat!

We recently celebrated our faithful Patreon community, our YOBBERS, with an inaugural retreat. 47 guys from literally all over the world united for a weekend in the mountains, and we had a fantastic time together. Several of our core authors attended the YOBBERS retreat, and we recently debriefed our weekend together.

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Christian Conflict and the Art of Disagreeing Well

In this MANLY MONDAY, I dive into the latest excitement on our site: namely, a pair of blog posts that sparked some unexpected arguments on labels and identity. Conflict happens. But how do we handle conflict? Especially as people of faith and followers of Jesus. How do we disagree, and can we learn to disagree well?

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YOBcast Episode 036: Puberty

How did puberty affect our childhoods, and how does it still impact us today? Physically, emotionally, relationally, and sexually? We dive into the physical changes we experienced, our family dynamics, the comparisons we made to other boys, and ultimately this matter of “sexual awakening.”

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Why I Don’t Try Anymore

This week, Tom dives into goals and goal-setting. It’s a winding journey of success and failure in matters of sexual temptation and otherwise. One little word, try, can prove fatal. Tom talks about making the switch from TRY to another, more personally beneficial three-letter word.

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YOBcast Episode 035: Coming Out Publicly

How does one come out on a larger scale? Must you write a book or publish a blog post or post something on Facebook, or can coming out publicly be more of a mindset than any specific action? Is coming out publicly even something people of faith should pursue?

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Why Vulnerability is for Everyone

It’s the final episode of our Five Values series! Our editor, Tom, discusses his personal journey of vulnerability from attending a conference to writing a book to cofounding this very blog. Additionally, he affirms the role vulnerability plays in each of our stories — whether we’re publicly “out” or not.

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YOBcast Episode 034: Marriage, The Middle Ground

Sometimes a marriage works, and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes a marriage or the prospect of marriage is very much in flux. We discuss the biblical, cultural, and political contexts of marriage, sharing our stories of singleness and our supporters’ married stories from this still-in-process middle ground.

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We Must Take Courage

In this episode of Manly Monday, Tom dives into the fourth of our five YOB values — courage. A value that goes hand-in-hand with our final value, vulnerability. In order to embrace vulnerability, however, one must first take courage. Watch as Tom talks about rollercoasters, public speaking, and Holy Spirit promptings.

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YOBcast Episode 033: Marriage, Another Story

Sometimes a marriage falls apart. We tell another story of “mixed-orientation” marriage as Elliott’s friend, John, talks about his unique upbringing in Japan, his time as an openly gay man at a Christian college, his sexual encounters with men and women, and ultimately a marriage that led to children and heartbreak.

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