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Thomas Mark Zuniga

Chronic wanderer and melancholic delighter in the what-comes-next. I'm the cofounder and editor for YOB, and I also host our bimonthly podcast: the YOBcast. I've written a couple books and first started fleshing out my story of faith and same-sex attraction years ago under the Xanga username "Two Beckonings." I'm an INFJ, Enneagram Type 4, and my favorite place is the one where coffee and vulnerability meet. Feel free to reach out if we've yet to connect; maybe it was ever ago planned that we one day would?

5 Times I’ve Felt Like a Man

So often I lament my lifelong disconnect from the male species and my own innate lack of manhood, I tend to neglect or even forget the numerous times I have felt like a man. And, though often fleeting, it’s these precious moments when I grow more convinced of this path I’m walking — away from […]

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Why I’m Afraid to Take Off My Shirt

Back in 2014, my very first guest post went up on the now defunct Bedlam Magazine. I figured it would be a fitting, modified re-post here at Your Other Brothers. I hope at least one person reading will resonate with why I’m afraid to take off my shirt. *         *          * […]

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Who’s in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?

Years ago when I was blogging anonymously about same-sex attraction and other personal struggles, I coined my own term for the “real life” people who knew everything — my “Deep Dark Secret Club,” I called it. Or DDS Club, for short. Now working with kids in wilderness therapy, I recently rediscovered what I thought was my acronym right […]

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I’ve Always Wanted a Big Brother

In the fascinating personality model of the Enneagram, I’m a Type 4, the individualist. Type 4’s are generally introverted, introspective, creative, and — best of all — deeply emotional. Everything profoundly affects us 4’s, from sunsets to dog movies to every single word everyone has ever said to us. More than any other type, the 4 feels he is cut […]

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I Don’t Want More Same-Sex Attracted Friends

A couple weeks ago I introduced you to our new blogging community, along with my 2008 self who first started blogging anonymously about his sexuality. But as for my first real introductory post to 2015 Tom, I’ve wondered what to say. After all, as a writer, I don’t want to sound repetitive. Many of you already know me from my […]

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Torn Between Two Beckonings

Earlier this week, I told the story of a Google search that led to an anonymous blogging brotherhood of same-sex attracted Christians. Today I thought I’d post my first blog from that old community — word-for-word. It’s crazy reading this seven years later. Reading me. To see my growth as a writer, my growth as a human. It was tempting to go back […]

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Christians Struggling With Homosexuality

Once upon a time, a Google search changed the direction of my life. A dramatic claim, perhaps, but it’s true. If I had to slice my life in two, the line would go through October 2008 — pre-Google search and post-Google search. Alone in my bedroom at my parents’ house, I fired up my laptop and instead of searching for gay porn […]

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