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Thomas Mark Zuniga

Chronic wanderer and melancholic delighter in the what-comes-next. I'm the cofounder and editor for YOB, and I also host our bimonthly podcast: the YOBcast. I've written a couple books and first started fleshing out my story of faith and same-sex attraction years ago under the Xanga username "Two Beckonings." I'm an INFJ, Enneagram Type 4, and my favorite place is the one where coffee and vulnerability meet. Feel free to reach out if we've yet to connect; maybe it was ever ago planned that we one day would?

YOBcast Episode 003: Digging Deeper with Tom & Elliott

PODCAST WEEK continues on our blog with Episode 003! In this episode, Tom and Elliott interview each other about family and friendship, childhood and adulthood, and their respective faiths. It’s a chance for you to dive deeper into their stories beyond the blog. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes or Stitcher for notifications every time […]

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YOBcast Episode 002: Emotions & Personalities

Welcome to PODCAST WEEK on the blog. In case you missed it, we launched our shiny new podcast last week, and we’ve already got our first few episodes uploaded and ready for your listening pleasure! All week long, we’ll be showcasing episode posts for our show, and we want you to feel engaged in the conversation. […]

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YOBcast Episode 001: The Story of Us

You guys. We’ve done it. We’ve arrived. Again. A bunch of us brothers started this blog last year, and now we’re making the jump to podcasting! Our podcast just went live, and we can’t wait to share more of our stories through this shiny new medium. Introducing . . . Your Other Brothers Podcast. Or, if you […]

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What’s Coming Soon to YOB

We’re back from a week off the blog, and I’m back from four days spent with nine of my best buds — my fellow bloggers, my brothers, my heroes. We gathered in the Midwest for our second annual summer retreat, and I daresay this year’s gathering was even better than the last. Last year, most […]

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Change is Coming to YOB…

Hello, dear YOBbers, It’s been a joy being editor-at-large for all things YOB these last eight (8!) months. Since our inception, save for some holiday weekends, we’ve been pumping out four posts a week, Monday to Thursday, building this community story by story, comment by comment, month by month. I’ve enjoyed compiling everyone’s posts for the […]

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5 Things I Do to Stay Sexually Sober

I’ve been sexually sober for over 100 days now — not a lick of masturbation, pornography, or promiscuity — and I get a lot of questions like HOW I DO IT. How do you stay sexually sober? How do you still the swirling rage? How do you DEFEAT HOMOSEXUALITY? Well, my brothers, you’re in luck today. I’m […]

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100 Days of Sexual Sobriety

Three months ago, sexual sobriety was an illusion. A fantasy, even. The mere thought of never again web chatting with another dude or watching gay pornography or even masturbating was enough to make me laugh a derisive laugh and say, Yeah, right; dream on, Dreamer. 100 days later, my sexual sobriety still very much feels like […]

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When a Rock Star Comes Out Gay Christian

Last week, the Internet (or at least Christianized corners of the Internet) went abuzz over the lead singer of a Christian rock band coming out as gay. Trey Pearson is his name, and he fronts Everyday Sunday, a successful group of the last two decades. You can read the full article of Trey Pearson’s coming out here, including chunks […]

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