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Thomas Mark Zuniga

Chronic wanderer and melancholic delighter in the what-comes-next. I'm YOB's cofounder and editor, and I also host our podcast. I've written a couple books and first started fleshing out my story of faith and same-sex attraction years ago under the Xanga username "Two Beckonings." I'm an INFJ, Enneagram Type 4, and my favorite place is the one where coffee and vulnerability meet. Feel free to reach out if we've yet to connect; maybe it was ever ago planned that we one day would?

Your Other Brothers on The Christian Post!

A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to be interviewed by The Christian Post about this blog, our podcast, and our personal stories of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Well, today the interview went live! You can read our article here. Special thanks to Brandon for the awesome write-up! If you’re new to the community since reading our […]

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Losing My Sexual Sobriety

I lost my sexual sobriety because I went in search of shortcuts to intimacy with other men. I knew it wouldn’t satisfy. Just like all the other times.

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My Last Wet Dream

I don’t get wet dreams when I masturbate regularly; they only happen when I don’t. Like when it happened last week.

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YOB in the Flesh

Today marks the 100th post in the life of Your Other Brothers! And what a ride through the blogosphere it’s been these last five months.

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