Your Other Brothers Podcast: The YOBaLOGUE
Our New Bonus Podcast: The YOBALOGUE
We just launched our brand new monthly bonus podcast, The YOBALOGUE: it's sort of an "epilogue" to our regular show and a continuing dialogue with you, our faithful followers, featuring listener calls, comment feedback, cut content, and
Check Out Our New Resources!
Check Out Our New Resources!
Check out our new resources tab for books, blogs, and podcasts recommended by our authors. We may not necessarily collectively endorse every single resource on this page, but at least a few of us have found these books, blogs, and podcasts particularly helpful in this
Two Years Together: Introducing Our New Site!
Welcome, friend! If you're reading this post in your inbox, I encourage you to make the jump to our website. It's a whole new world. Don't be alarmed. You're still at Your Other Brothers. You're still home. Today's a special day. Today, we celebrate our 2-year anniversary of being a website! More than a blog, a podcast, and a video hub -- a community. And with this special anniversary comes a long overdue overhaul of our website. We're not at 100% quite yet, but we're mostly there and will be making site adjustments in the coming days. Take a few moments to click around. We hope you enjoy our new space! We've rearranged the furniture and added some new features, too. Our About page tells our origin story and answers our most frequently asked questions from comments and emails over the last two years. It also showcases the five values we embrace in this community. Our Blog page now features more of a magazine layout that makes it easier to find recent posts, popular posts, recent comments, and our authors. Our Podcast page displays all of our show content, free from blogs or other aspects of our website. It's easier to relive our show, commenting on past episodes and current ones alike. Our Video page contains the videos we've produced thus far with plenty of space to add many more soon. (Thanks, patrons!) Our Resources page is updated with new books and blogs that some of our authors have found particularly helpful and meaningful in our journeys with faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. We hope the new site feels different but the same: easier navigation, a crisper look, and that same sense of belonging and togetherness we all crave. What many of us have found here at YOB over the last two years. We want you to continue to feel at home with us. If this is your first experience with YOB, we're glad you're here. We've been going for two years strong (and then some), and we hope for many more. Won't you join us? What's your favorite YOB memory of the last two years? What do you think of the new website? Anything "off" or not working on your device/browser of choice? Anything else that could be improved? Let us know in the comments
It's Our 1-Year YOBiversary!
It’s Our 1-Year YOBiversary!
YOU GUYS. IT'S OUR FIRST YOBIVERSARY. Today, Your Other Brothers turns 1 year old! Shh, nobody tell YOB about the puberty years. We've still got at least another decade to stifle that awkward conversation. But seriously, what a year it's been since our first post. We've laughed, we've cried, we've started a podcast, we've launched a Patreon community, and we're still just getting started. As we celebrate one year of e-existence, I'm often talking with my other brothers about how we can continue to grow and build this . . . thing. This community. This movement. This brotherhood. Without you -- the reader, the listener, the follower and fellow brother -- we wouldn't be here a year later. Without your faithful Patreon support, we couldn't grow as we've grown in recent months especially: paying for domains, hosting, microphones, and such. But we've also grown by connecting with so many of you via Facebook and Skype, making our e-existence feel like something so much . . . more. We're humbled so many of y'all have decided to stick with us all these weeks and months later, supporting us emotionally and spiritually and even financially, as well. We love our YOBBERS. I always love hearing from new folks who join our fold. You can email me or any of my fellow authors anytime. Thanks to each of you for being part of this . . . thing. This story of us. It's a story that's still being told: one email, one post, one podcast, one video, one group Skype call, one year at a time. Happy YOBiversary! Here's to many more -- the puberty years and beyond. How long have you been following YOB? How did you first find YOB? Have any favorite YOB posts, podcasts, or memories to share? If you're new to YOB, say hello in the comments below! And if you'd like to join our Patreon community, click here for more
How You Can Help Your Other Brothers
How You Can Help Your Other Brothers
Hey, brothers! So, today's an exciting day. For nearly a year, we've been blogging and most recently podcasting and videoing. We exist across each of these mediums with one persisting goal in mind: to share our stories of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together. To affirm that you are not alone. Today is special, because today we launch our very own Your Other Brothers Patreon page! What's Patreon, you ask? In essence, it's like an ongoing Kickstarter for content-creators of all genres all over the world. We've come a long way in our first year of existence, but we're not content to stay the same. In recent months especially, we've felt called to take Your Other Brothers to a whole other level. But it's a level we can't reach without some financial assistance. Here's what could happen here with enough ongoing financial support: Your Other Brothers releases bimonthly and eventually weekly podcasts. Your Other Brothers produces at least one creative video expression every month. Your Other Brothers builds deeper connections with our community collaboratively via Patreon and Facebook as well as more personally via Zoom and Skype correspondence. With appropriate funding, the possibilities are endless for this blog, this community, this movement. Last month, over 2,000 unique visitors stopped by our site. If every visitor pledged just $1/month to our cause, we'd exponentially transform this community with written, audible, and video content galore. We hope you'll consider supporting us! Our first goal is $100/month to break even with monthly maintenance/upkeep costs: domain, site backup, hosting (blog and podcast), and basic WiFi. Even one person pledging $1 a month covers the entire cost of our domain for a year (that's HUGE); truly, no amount is too small. In return, patrons of any size donation gain entry to our behind-the-scenes Patreon page -- videos, pictures, and community updates galore. $5/month grants you access to a private Facebook group where you can connect more regularly with other bloggers and supporters and see more of the magic behind the curtain -- even help suggest further content for podcasts, videos, and more. Check out our new Patreon page for a complete breakdown of our giving amounts and rewards. If you support us with $5/month, you'll gain access to that aforementioned Facebook group where we plan to record regular Facebook Live sessions. Building this community for the last year has been among my most fulfilling endeavors. With your help, we can journey even further -- even more than we can dream. Have any questions about our Patreon and the future of Your Other Brothers? Leave us a comment
What's Coming Soon to YOB
What’s Coming Soon to YOB
We're back from a week off the blog, and I'm back from four days spent with nine of my best buds -- my fellow bloggers, my brothers, my heroes. We gathered in the Midwest for our second annual summer retreat, and I daresay this year's gathering was even better than the last. Last year, most of us met in person for the first time after only "knowing" each other online; to be honest, I wasn't entirely sure we would hit it off. After all, just because we all struggle with the same thing doesn’t mean we're gonna fit together like peanut butter and Fluffernutter. We're ten different personalities -- introverts and extroverts and everything in between. We diverge on all sorts of interests -- music tastes and fashion styles and affinities (or lack thereof) for sports. We're ten different people. Ten different guys of all ages and races and faith backgrounds. All attracted to the same sex. Turns out the ten of us would get along last year. We shared laughs and games and meals and organized/spontaneous discussions alike. By the end of that weekend, we knew we'd be doing it again the following year. And so last weekend, at long last, we did it again. We now had a full year of knowing each other — really knowing each other — beyond "just the Internet," and it was especially rewarding for me to sit back and watch our bizarre little brotherhood evolve quicker and funnier and deeper this year. We hugged each other one-by-one as each brother arrived at our AirBNB mansion. What a simple, profound thing. How often does that happen in real life? Instant hugs at the door? We cooked feasts in our magnificent kitchen and ate jovial meals around a long dining room table. We went on a hike for water that never existed — though we did catch some Pokémon along the way. We embarked into the city and walked over 8 miles exploring the streets together, stopping often for epic photo opps. We sat in circles and ovals and amoebas and talked in large groups and small groups about pornography and friendships back home and the current state of our spiritual health. Some of us are doing great; several are not-so-great. We were real with each other. No holds barred. It's been rare that I can feel real and belong with anyone -- let alone a group of men. And so this retreat refreshed me in untold ways after a trying year of moving to a new city, starting a new job, and struggling to slide communal pieces in place. At last year's retreat, we talked about recreating our old blogs; this summer, we marveled over all God has done in the last year of this storytelling community. It was a surreal looking glass moment. We discussed some of our favorite moments, posts, and comments of the last year. And we even recorded some of that conversation. That recording will be coming soon to an Internet near you. Last year, we talked about building a simple blog; this year, we talked about better building our community. And so, I'm excited to announce we're launching our very own podcast! We've already recorded several podcast episodes, and we're in the final stages of editing and submitting this first batch to iTunes! We're stoked to breathe this new voice into our stories. Expect 45-minute episodes of nitty-gritty, under-the-communion-table topics with plenty of laughs along the way. Expect real people and real stories, just like you. Just like yours. Our aim for Your Other Brothers Podcast is the same as our blog: authentic accounts that don't sugarcoat or wallow but tell both sides of the story. Additionally, we hope you discover greater depths to our individual and collective personalities that a blog can't fully translate. We hope our new podcast helps you better see us. We hope you see a better picture of our brotherhood, and we hope you feel welcome at our table -- wherever you are. Our official launch date is not yet determined, but once we're up and running we'll need your help! Subscribes and downloads and ratings and reviews will be pivotal. If you wish to preserve your anonymity, you can always use an alias for your rating/review. Your 120 seconds of contributing will help us in monumental ways. If we attract enough activity, our podcast will launch onto iTunes' "New & Notable" podcast page. And if we make it onto the front page, there's no telling the scope of our reach -- not just for the podcast, but also for this blog. This community. Soon these two communities will merge into one — one storytelling brotherhood seeking to give God all the credit for our topsy-turvy journey. We hope you'll join us then as you've joined us now. If you're not already a "podcast person," give us a listen and maybe get converted. I used to not "get" podcasts myself, but they're perfect for long drives and workouts and cooking in the kitchen. I've fallen in love with the podcasting medium. I love the feeling of listening in on a bunch of friends razzing each other and getting real together, like you're quietly rocking in a chair also in the room. It's unpredictable when iTunes will officially approve our show once submitted, so keep watch on our blog and via social media to stay in the loop about our first batch of episodes! We're all so grateful for this community, our readers. We feel blessed to take up residence in some corner of your lives -- a corner that's feeling less digital and realer by the month. And so. The story continues . . . Will you support our new podcast with subscribes, ratings, and reviews? What are some other podcasts you listen to? What does "brotherhood" presently mean to you in your