Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is every author here attracted to the same sex?

Yes. As time passes we may bring in some of our opposite-sex attracted brothers for their perspectives and stories. But for now, each of our authors experiences varying degrees of same-sex attraction.

2. Is homosexuality a choice?

That’s a complicating question, but our short answer is no. We never chose our sexuality, though we do have the power to choose how we respond to our impulses — just as any other person does, regardless of sexuality.

3. Is every author here a Christian?

Yes. We are a multi-denominational community, our authors ascribing to faith traditions from the Baptist church to Messianic Judaism.

4. Is this a “gay Christian” blog?

While each of our authors is free to identify with his own particular label of choice, we will collectively shy away from the combination of “gay Christian.” The term “gay” may provoke division within the Church; other terms like “SSA” (same-sex attracted) and “Side B” (commitment to celibacy) may cause confusion outside the Church. Ultimately, we just want our stories to reach people — inside the Church and out. We are laying down our labels; call us what you will.

5. Are you anti-gay?

We don’t hate gay people, and we’re not here to judge them. We’re not here to picket gay marriages, and we’re not here to blast certain interpretations of Scripture. We are here only to tell our stories and bridge the precarious gap between Christianity and homosexuality.

6. If you’re not pursuing same-sex romantic relationships, does that mean every author here is single and celibate for life?

Most of us are single and committed to celibacy unless our Author pens us a new chapter in heterosexual marriage. A few of our authors are indeed married to women; we hope you’ll stick around for those stories.

7. Aren’t you all just denying who you really are?

Kinda. As Christians, we believe in the call to lay our lives down for Christ as He did for us — all of ourselves, our sexual identities included (Galatians 2:20). We our denying ourselves in one way, yet embracing our identities in what we believe is a better way and a better story — His way, His story. This road hasn’t always been easy, but seeing God cross our paths with each other over the years has been the undeniably cool part of this journey.

8. Are you affiliated with any organizations past and present like Exodus International or the Gay Christian Network?

No, we are unaffiliated. We’re just a group of friends who like to tell our stories and see what happens next.

9. What are your theological/political views on gay marriage?

While each of our authors is free to explicate and politicize across personal blogs and social media outlets, here at YOB we will opt out of the polarizing discussion distracting from our primary aim: simply sharing our stories.

10. How can I learn more about this road of faith and homosexuality?

Check out our resources tab for some recommended books and blogs. A couple of our bloggers have authored their own books about faith and homosexuality, and they would treasure your support.

11. Is there a comment policy?

YOB will not tolerate comments containing profanity or flippant attacks directed at our authors or other commenters. We understand disagreements may arise from time to time, but we encourage civil discourse. Any sexually suggestive, explicit, or otherwise triggering comments will not be accepted. If you think the comment might go “too far,” it’s probably best not to post it. YOB reserves the right to edit/delete any comment, and if necessary, will blacklist users from further commenting.

12. Do you accept guest post submissions?

Because our entire community is built on preexisting friendships, we do not accept guest post submissions. With time, however, we will be open to adding new authors dedicated to our community as “organically” as possible. As of now, certain patrons may be given the opportunity to write a guest post for our site. Read below for more information.

13. Can I support YOB in any way financially?

Yes! We’ve launched an ongoing Patreon campaign that allows readers and followers to support and further our storytelling efforts on a monthly basis. Additionally, patrons receive rewards for various amounts pledged like handwritten letters and monthly Internet calls with Tom and Elliott and other bloggers. Check out our Patreon page for an introductory video and more information!