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We’re on Holiday Hiatus!

Don’t worry. We haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. We’re simply taking these couple weeks to hit the reset button as a new year descends upon us. We’ll be back in 2020 with more regular blogs, podcasts, and video content.

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Celebrating 3 Years on Patreon!

Today marks our third anniversary of being on Patreon! Patreon is how Your Other Brothers still exists after all these years — all thanks to monthly pledges from over 150 supporters around the world! If you believe in this work we’re doing, would you consider supporting us?

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Retreat Posts (and More) Coming Soon!

We just held our second annual YOBBERS retreat for our financial supporters and community members on Patreon. As a result, the blog hasn’t been as “regular” as usual. Don’t worry; we’ll get back on track soon enough!

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YOB Under Construction!

You may notice some changes to our layout here and there. It’s been two years since our last site redesign, and we’re slowly phasing in a new look for YOB. We hope you like the eventual updated design!

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Our New Bonus Podcast: The YOBALOGUE

We just launched our brand new monthly bonus podcast, The YOBALOGUE: it’s sort of an “epilogue” to our regular show and a continuing dialogue with you, our faithful followers, featuring listener calls, comment feedback, cut content, and more.

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Check Out Our New Resources!

Check out our new resources tab for books, blogs, and podcasts recommended by our authors. We may not necessarily collectively endorse every single resource on this page, but at least a few of us have found these books, blogs, and podcasts particularly helpful in this journey.

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