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What’s a Same-Sex Celibate Partnership?

A same-sex celibate partnership is an intimate coupling between two same-sex attracted or gay-identifying individuals. Bonded for life in a way similar to marriage but, of course, minus the sex. I have already seen a few celibate couplings form between guys. I’ve been mostly watching from a distance, but other times I’ve contacted those folks to ask questions. Sometimes I view them with a lot of envy.

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My Battle with Male Body Image

I remember being envious of the other boys who seemed so free in their bodies, so free with their bodies. I remember being envious of their slenderness, and later on, their muscles. I remember lying in bed wishing so hard that I could wake up and be miraculously thin. I remember knowing that I shouldn’t hate my body but having no idea how to stop.

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Why I Like “Queer Eye”

The vast majority of “Queer Eye” is not even addressing sex; it is addressing prejudice, shame, and loneliness. I have experienced shame, the idea that I am simply unlovable. I even believed for many years that God hated me, that God himself couldn’t even love me.

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Why I Want to be LGBT: A Follow-Up

If telling someone I’m gay allows me to be a light in their life, then I will do it. If saying I am SSA Side B allows me to be a light in their life, I will do that as well. At the end of the day, my desires are secondary to the Great Commission, God’s call on the life of every Christian.

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Why I Want to be LGBT

The LGBT community depended upon each other when they had no one else. And now they stick together closely, fighting alongside each other. The LGBT community isn’t perfect. However, the LGBT community still finds a way to come together for a common purpose. And, honestly, this is attractive to me.

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Bro Cuddling: A Beginner’s Guide

I’ve cuddled with many fantastic men, all same-sex attracted. I can say with absolute certainty that these moments have been some of the most beautiful, moving, and totally platonic expressions of intimate love. I’d recommend reading these basic pointers based on my own past experiences with bro cuddling.

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