Avoiding the Mistakes of My Parents
Avoiding the Mistakes of my Parents
I know the mistakes of a parent can have incredibly long-lasting ramifications on a child's life. I still struggle to this day due to things my parents did.
I'll Never Have a Childhood Best Friend
I’ll Never Have a Childhood Best Friend
It's not just that I never had a childhood best friend; it's that I'll never have a childhood best friend. That era has come and gone, that chapter closed.
Real Men Don't Take Baths
Real Men Don’t Take Baths
"How could you take a bath?" The question seemed ludicrous to me. I walked a lot that day. I was tired. My legs were sore. The bath was hot. This guy is a genuinely nice guy who loves God. But he's bought into a delusional sense of masculinity based more on actions than identity.
Best Friends with a Straight Guy
Best Friends with a Straight Guy
I was best friends with a straight guy. We could live together and share hugs and other brotherly affection without worrying about falling into sexual sin.
Why I Like to Look Good
Why I Like to Look Good
I hated the way I looked! I was a skinny, fearful, awkward, shy person who wished I could look good like the athletic, muscular, confident guys.
How the Beauty in Others Draws Me to God
There is so much pleasure and beauty in God and in what He does, I am motivated to say something about it! Much of what I write here will be glimpses of the beauty of God's work in the hearts and lives of myself and people I know.