What's Coming Soon to YOB
What’s Coming Soon to YOB
We're back from a week off the blog, and I'm back from four days spent with nine of my best buds -- my fellow bloggers, my brothers, my heroes. We gathered in the Midwest for our second annual summer retreat, and I daresay this year's gathering was even better than the last. Last year, most of us met in person for the first time after only "knowing" each other online; to be honest, I wasn't entirely sure we would hit it off. After all, just because we all struggle with the same thing doesn’t mean we're gonna fit together like peanut butter and Fluffernutter. We're ten different personalities -- introverts and extroverts and everything in between. We diverge on all sorts of interests -- music tastes and fashion styles and affinities (or lack thereof) for sports. We're ten different people. Ten different guys of all ages and races and faith backgrounds. All attracted to the same...
YOB in the Flesh
Today marks the 100th post in the life of Your Other Brothers! And what a ride through the blogosphere it's been these last five months.
Straight Edge in a Gay World
Straight Edge In A Gay World
I fit into that category, what the young people here call straight edge. So, why do I abstain from any alcohol or drug use?
I'm Almost 30 and I've Never Been Kissed
I’m Almost 30 and I’ve Never Been Kissed
Among myriad other losses I could mourn about, I consider how I'm almost 30 and ache over this lack-of-experience that I've never been kissed.
An Open Conversation on Masculine Stereotypes
An Open Conversation on Masculine Stereotypes
Our blogging brothers, Sam and Dean, meet up to talk pop culture, the color pink, and the complicating world of masculine stereotypes.