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I Just Want to Understand the Other Boys
Although the teasing continued for the rest of the school year, I honestly learned to ignore it. I became a recluse at a very young age. This reclusiveness made the other kids – especially the other boys – a bit of a mystery to me. Particularly physically. Looking back, I realize I was in a bit of a paradox: I didn't want the other boys to see any of my body, but I also had somewhat of an interest in theirs.
Disabled and Gay: Where Do I Go?
Disabled and Gay: Where Do I Go?
It seems one can find almost anything on the Internet nowadays, with the exception of a serious discussion about sexuality and disabilities; let me assure you, I have looked. It has been increasingly important to me (and certainly others in my plight) to find such information. I was born with cerebral palsy, along with the ability to ask questions apparently nobody is supposed to ask. Like most kids who grow up gay, I felt different on the inside; in my particular case, I was different on the outside too.
Your Other Brothers Podcast | 082
YOBcast 082: Men’s Fashion
Is fashion just for women, or can men enjoy fashion too? Is it "gay" or "metrosexual" to dress well or put a certain amount of effort into our wardrobe choices? How did we dress ourselves through adolescence, and what impacts how we dress ourselves today? Join Tom, Ryan, and Matt for a particular podcast topic Matt has been wanting us to discuss for years.
When I Discovered the Korean Spa
When I Discovered the Korean Spa
The other guys told me about the Korean spa and how those experiences helped them. This sounded like something right down my alley.
Things I'm Learning While Living With Another Guy
Things I’m Learning While Living With Another Guy
I bought a house. I'm officially living IN the city! I've had a roommate since day one. He's a great friend and brother in Christ.
Why I Like to Look Good
Why I Like to Look Good
I hated the way I looked! I was a skinny, fearful, awkward, shy person who wished I could look good like the athletic, muscular, confident guys.
Why I'm Afraid to Take Off My Shirt
Why I’m Afraid to Take Off My Shirt
Somewhere around seventh grade, I told my family I hated swimming. The real reason was just too silly and shameful. I hated having to take off my shirt.