YOB ConvoCast 074: Tom & Daniel Explore Body Image and the Ideal!
YOB ConvoCast 074: Tom & Daniel Explore Body Image and the Ideal!
Tom welcomes first-time guest and longtime community member Daniel to discuss journeys with body image and pursuit of the ideal! They share their adolescent vantages from both sides of the scale, Daniel overweight and Tom underweight, and how the gym and general fitness practices have factored into their lives in adulthood. Despite the lack of the ideal body or ideal life, is there something of value we can offer the world in our seeming lack?
Your Other Brothers Podcast | 101: Hope
YOBcast 101: Hope
We kick off a new year and a new era of YOB with an examination of YOB’s seven values! Starting with HOPE. Tom is joined by Ryan and Aaron to discuss the highs of hope and the lows of despair across the arenas of our masculinity, sexuality, and faith. Where has hoping in something or someone failed us? Where have we felt hope creep into entitlement? As sexual minorities where do we put our hope on this side of eternity?
Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 034
YOB ConvoCast 034: Tom & Matt Wildly Disagree About Stitch Fix!
Tom welcomes back Matt as the technically “season premiere” guest for this next run of YOB ConvoCasts! The guys dive into “pool” workouts, favorite sandwiches, trivia night fortes, with the big meat of this conversation being the topic of Stitch Fix. Tom recently got a seasonal subscription and loves the notion of a stylish surprise; Matt, not so much! Tom also makes a declaration to Matt, effective October 2022, and involving a hot air balloon.
Your Other Brothers Podcast | 075: Physical Fitness
YOBcast 075: Physical Fitness
The beginning of a new year often leads us to new physical fitness routines (including starting one). But so many of us have difficult relationships with working out: wounds from high school locker rooms, daunting equipment, comparing ourselves with the other men around us, and ultimately dissatisfaction with our own bodies. Are these hard things worth pushing through?
YOBcast 066: Manliness
When do you feel manly? When do you feel not at all manly? Is manliness even something worth pursuing? Join Tom, Ryan, and Jacob for a return to one of our "classic" episodes in which we discuss opening pickle jars, killing cockroaches, camping out, working out, owning a home, and so much more on this simultaneously shallow and deep topic of manliness.
Anyone Else Feeling Super Tempted During COVID-19?
Anyone Else Feeling Super Tempted During COVID-19?
Anyone else feeling super tempted during this pandemic? Especially the longer this thing drags on? Because I'll be the first to raise my hand. I'm feeling super tempted. I'm feeling super restless. I'm actually feeling super-duper tempted and restless.
YOB ConvoCast 014: Tom & Jacob Murder Turkeys!
Tom welcomes Jacob for a conversation on increased cooking capacities during this coronavirus pandemic, including the pros and cons of creamy mashed potatoes. Tom also talks about holding his birthday meal over Zoom with his family, and the guys dive into the legality and emotions of killing chickens and turkeys.
YOB ConvoCast 011: Tom & Ryan Are Cookin’ and CrossFittin’!
Tom welcomes Ryan to talk about cooking with new creativity in the kitchen and CrossFit workouts at home during this coronavirus pandemic. They also recount Pastor Matt, AKA "Weird Jesus" from a previous YOBcast episode, and how he's bettering the world during this quarantine.
CrossFit Reveals My Biggest Struggle is Masculinity
CrossFit Reveals My Biggest Struggle is Masculinity
This month, I talk about joining CrossFit and how it's been a vital outlet for my intense emotions as well as an equalizer of masculinity among other men. Unlike my gym workouts from high school days past.