You are a Man and You are Awesome
You Are a Man and You are Awesome
I had no idea how desperately I'd needed some guy — even some unknowable guy on the Internet — to tell me that I'm awesome.
Keeping Healthy Boundaries with Another SSA Guy
Keeping Healthy Boundaries with Another SSA Guy
We were always careful to keep appropriate, healthy boundaries even though we knew we were not sexually attracted to each other. I think we were just cautious of others gossiping if we appeared to be too close. Unfortunately, churches like ours are especially prone to gossip about SSA guys.
Why I Can't be a Church Leader
Why I Can’t be a Church Leader
Before I applied for SOM, some friends were talking to me about becoming a Bible study leader. I grew thrilled at the idea of leading and serving there.
Enduring Friendship with My Ex-Girlfriend's Husband
Enduring Friendship with My Ex-Girlfriend’s Husband
It is very desirable and even possible for me to have a decades-long friendship with a straight guy...even though he is married and I am not.
The One Thing that Unites Us
The One Thing That Unites Us
If it weren't for Jesus, it would just be some hangout weekend with a bunch of gay guys. I think of the term #SquadGoals for our group.
Best Man at My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding
Best Man at My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding
He knew he would not have met her if it hadn't been for me, and he still considered me his best friend. I gladly said yes to being his best man.
Did My Best Friend Betray Me?
Did My Best Friend Betray Me?
My former girlfriend dumped me and was now with my best male friend. Had I been betrayed by both of them?
Road Trip with My Bro
Road Trip with my Bro
While on the road trip, a lot of things were going through my mind. My friend would be seeing both the good and the bad stuff of where I was brought up.
Will She Still Marry Me?
Will She Still Marry me?
Before I could even think to ask my girlfriend to marry me, I was absolutely sure of another thing: I needed to confess to her that I was attracted to guys.
How to Tell a Guy You Love Him
How to Tell a Guy You Love Him
It just seems we forget to say it or are embarrassed to say it or maybe sometimes I'm just not "man enough" to say it: I love you.