Who's in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?
Who’s in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?
Back when I was blogging anonymously about same-sex attraction and other struggles, I coined my own term: my Deep Dark Secret Club. They knew everything.
I've Always Wanted a Big Brother
I’ve Always Wanted a Big Brother
My whole life I've wanted the love of a big brother. I've always wanted to press into someone bigger than me, someone stronger, someone wiser. A big brother to hold me, a big brother to comfort me, a big brother to tell me everything will be okay because he's right there and he's not going to let me go.
When Masculine Superheroes Hug
When Masculine Superheroes Hug
I like hugs personally. I think they're great, and I like that hugging differentiates friendships from acquaintances. When I first saw this hugging moment on the show, I immediately felt awkward with Barry. I might have held my breath to see what he was going to do.
I Don’t Want More Same-Sex Attracted Friends
I'd had enough of life with only these types of strong male friendships while the other types of male friendships went severely lacking. Couldn't I just have "normal" heterosexual guy friends?