When I Moved in with a Guy
When I Moved in with a Guy
When my gay brother received his booty call one night, I decided I had to move out. It was then that a guy named Brandon invited me to come live with him.
It's Okay for Christians to Have Gay Friends
It’s Okay for Christians to Have Gay Friends
I do have gay friends, though I really don't view them as my gay friends. I just call them my friends. They're as important to me as my Christian friends.
Which Kind of Brother Do I Want?
Which Kind of Brother Do I Want?
Do I want to have a brother I care about that much that I will declare putting him above all else? Or do I want to have a brother saying those words to me?
Refusing to Let God Work Through Me
Refusing to Let God Work Through Me
I wanted to keep this whole SSA part of my life hidden, but I knew that, in doing so, I would be refusing to let God work through me.
What is an addict?
What is an Addict?
Today marks a special and pivotal turning point here at Your Other Brothers. For the last four-plus months, we've been bringing you four blog posts a week from me and my same-sex attracted brothers the world over. We've seen incremental site growth from week to week and month to month, and lately it's starting to feel like a family in here. I couldn't be more pleased with the last four-plus months. I speak on behalf of all my other brothers when I say thank you for joining us on this strange new journey. With every passing month, it feels less and less strange. Today is special, because it brings to life a vision planted at the start: a new medium to broadcast our stories. The written word is great -- I personally adore blogging -- but sometimes, the written word can only go so far. Here at YOB, we want to share our stories however we...
I'm a Real Boy
I’m a Real Boy
Sometimes I feel like Pinocchio when he proclaims, "I'm a real boy." I need men, so that I might become a man myself.
My Man-Date With a Leader
My Man-Date With A Great Leader
This guy, this leader didn't care about my past, because he saw my potential to become a better Christian, a godly man.
When I'm Not Really Okay
When I’m Not Really Okay
I refuse to tell people when they've hurt me. I lie to people about being okay when I'm not. I live the exact opposite of what I preach.
Learning to Worship God, not Guys
Learning to Worship God, Not Guys
I got more involved in a small group as others would worship God. There was an amazing sense of community. I knew I was not alone in my Christian life!
Who's in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?
Who’s in Your Deep Dark Secret Club?
Back when I was blogging anonymously about same-sex attraction and other struggles, I coined my own term: my Deep Dark Secret Club. They knew everything.