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It’s Okay for Men to Cry

Is it okay for men to cry? Jesus did, as we see in the famed Lazarus story of John 11. But what about men in today’s culture? In this month’s episode, I talk about crying over the death of a dog and the death of a car and how it’s okay for men to have a more sensitive side. Even if it’s the only side.

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“Pray the Gay Away” This Christmas

Have you ever tried to “pray the gay away”? God’s way of doing things often — nearly always — involves an exorbitant amount of waiting, process, and journey. It’s a brand new MANLY MONDAY, featuring Simeon’s story from Luke 2, the concept of Jesus coming to earth as a baby rather than a man, and my bangs.

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How to Follow the Will of God

In this episode of MANLY MONDAY, we dive into the concept of the will of God. How do you find it, and what does it look like? Does the will of God look the same for everyone? I share a campfire experience from our recently held YOBBERS retreat and also dive into my experience finding the will of God, including an image of a father and a son that changed how I view the will of God.

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Our YOBBERS Retreat Was the Worst

In this episode of MANLY MONDAY, I process our recently held YOBBERS retreat — including my favorite element and my least favorite aspect of 47 dudes from all over the world uniting in a single place. What was great about our retreat, and what was just awful about it? I have much to say about our emotional weekend together and life’s mountaintop moments at large.

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