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Hi, I'm Sam Adams, but I'm not the founding father or the beer. So, sorry if you were expecting that. It's nice to meet you! Get ready for lots of pop culture references and rants.

Revoice: Taking the Church Wherever “Here” Leads

Several of our authors recently attended the inaugural Revoice conference in St. Louis: a gathering for sexual minorities in the church. Here are our thoughts on the (controversial?) conference we experienced together. What were your feelings going into Revoice? Did you read any of the Revoice criticism online? Did it faze your attendance at all? […]

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YOBcast Episode 019: 1-Year Podcast Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe the YOBcast has now existed for an entire year! In this special anniversary episode, Tom and Elliott and six additional blogging brothers unite for a fun hour of reminiscing over the last year and ponder the age-old question: if you could push a big red button and erase your homosexuality, would you […]

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YOBcast Episode 007: Attraction

What is attraction? Are there variations among physical, emotional, and spiritual attraction — let alone for one gender over another? Join Tom, Elliott, Sam, John, and Will for a lively roundtable discussion on all things relating to attraction. It’s a broad topic, and we cover as much ground as we can within the hour — […]

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YOBcast Episode 004: YOB Retreat!

PODCAST WEEK concludes today with Episode 004. We hope you’re enjoying the show after few episodes. This one is my personal favorite of the first batch. I just love working with these other guys. Knowing them. In this episode, six blogging brothers unite at our annual YOB retreat! We remember last year’s inaugural retreat and discuss our […]

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When a Rock Star Comes Out Gay Christian

Last week, the Internet (or at least Christianized corners of the Internet) went abuzz over the lead singer of a Christian rock band coming out as gay. Trey Pearson is his name, and he fronts Everyday Sunday, a successful group of the last two decades. You can read the full article of Trey Pearson’s coming out here, including chunks […]

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An Open Conversation on Masculine Stereotypes

Sam: Well hey there! So for those of you who don’t know, Dean recently moved a few hours away from me, and I’m LOVING IT! He’s in town tonight, and we’re currently chilling on my couch. We thought this would be a great time to start a conversation with one of our favorite subjects — masculine stereotypes […]

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How Do I Get to Heaven?

In some way, I’ve always known that I was different. When I was 18, I finally figured out why. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll get to that down the road. Hi, I’m Sam, and it’s lovely to meet you! I’m a Myers-Briggs ESFJ which means I REALLY love to talk to and be around […]

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