One-on-one conversations with our editor Tom and various YOB community members! We generally publish 20-minute episodes every other week.

  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 030
    YOB ConvoCast 030: Tom & Matt Process Grief
    Tom welcomes back longtime YOB blogger, podcaster, and resident "sexpert" Matt for a deep dive into death, grief, and how these difficult seasons either shape us or harden us. They also give some love to fellow YOB brother Dean, the bizarre adult playground-museum that is Meow Wolf, and Tom's (almost 40-year-old)
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 029
    The YOB ConvoCast 029: Tom & Keegan Encourage the Lurkers!
    YOB’s resident community welcomer, Keegan, joins Tom to talk about being a #LurkerNoLonger. He recounts the backstory of a voicemail he left for the YOBcast several episodes ago, and Tom’s heart soars over stories of brotherhood and beach bonfires from his former home in southern California. And the guys can’t get away from this episode without talking about Keegan’s now iconic welcome GIF for new community members – especially after it slaughtered Ryan’s hair in March’s "YOB Madness"
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 028
    The YOB ConvoCast 028: Tom & Eugene Go to Cuddle Corner!
    Tom welcomes back YOB’s resident artist and cuddling aficionado, Eugene, for a discussion on physical boundaries between friends. They reference both Tom’s latest blog on crossing boundaries and Eugene’s latest blog on the nature vs. nurture debate! Additionally, Tom reveals some behind the scenes magic for rectifying the technical snafu that happened during last year’s ConvoCast recording with Eugene. And the guys bounce around a new name for what to call someone who isn’t quite a YOBBER
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 027
    The YOB ConvoCast 027: Tom & Will Recite Their Favorite Poetry!
    Will Cooper makes his debut audio appearance on the YOB Podcast Network! He traces his decision to become a pastor all the way back to childhood, and he reminisces about coming out to his church early into his joining YOB. He also brings some of his favorite poetry to share, including a poem from his YOB namesake William Cowper, as Tom also shares his favorite
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 026
    The YOB ConvoCast 026: You & the Lord on Good Friday 2021
    You cannot get to an empty tomb without first getting to an occupied cross. It is
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 025
    The YOB ConvoCast 025: Tom & Ben Think People Are a Lot!
    Join us as Tom convos with one of our authors, Ben! We catch up with Ben from his last ConvoCast appearance and talk about his message on chosen family at our recently held YOBBERS retreat. We also riff about proportional haircuts, Ben’s upcoming blog on coming out to people you love, and where (and with whom) a pastor get his support. Also, who's YOB’s pastor: Ben or
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 024
    The YOB ConvoCast 024: Tom & Daniel Speak Filipino Gay Slang!
    This episode Tom convos with one of our authors, Daniel from London! We catch up with the no-longer-unsung hero of the YOB website and our recently held YOBBERS digital retreat. We hear how the pandemic is going across the pond, and Daniel teaches Tom some Filipino words and phrases — including some gay
  • Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 023
    The YOB ConvoCast 023: Tom & Aaron Lie Back and Look at the Sky!
    To kick things off again, we talk to one of our newer authors and a first-time podcast guest: Aaron! Tom recounts one of his favorite memories with Aaron, walking through the Minneapolis sculpture garden. The two also talk about home ownership as Aaron prepares to buy his first home! We also learn the unique reason Aaron even joined YOB in the first place in
  • The YOB ConvoCast 022: Tom & Ryan Solve All the Plot Holes!
    Tom welcomes back Ryan for the SEASON FINALE of the Corona ConvoCast! Tom asks Ryan about the velcro in his hair and continues wondering when his new podcast microphone will arrive. They also comment on Elon Musk’s new son’s name as well as Ryan’s exhaustion-turned-intolerance with Zoom. Tom expresses his biggest fear as states begin reopening and reflects on the last six weeks of this new podcast endeavor, clearing up the future of this