Our Patreon originally launched in 2016 with a handful of folks pledging to cover site and equipment costs, and this effort has since grown into a thriving community, meeting virtually and in person! We’re grateful for the ongoing support as our patrons fuel the continuing growth of both our content and our community. We’d be honored to have you join the fold, too; there’s always room for one more in our nest.

Never in my life had I ever thought or dreamed that another Christian wrestled with sexuality and faith the way that I do, but then I discovered Your Other Brothers. The raw, vulnerable blogs, the encouraging podcasts, and the Christ-centered community of YOB is what makes pledging as easy as breathing. I am eternally grateful for YOB and the important role it has played in my growth in regards to faith and sexuality.

Keegan, 25, Californiapledging monthly since July 2019

The blogs, Facebook meetups, as well as Zoom meetings discuss issues that I cannot hear about from any other resource – from people who have a similar understanding of Scripture and a similar life circumstance, at least from a sexual identity standpoint. The reason that I want to pledge is to support our common voice in "the wilderness" that somehow is rarely heard in the church, whether it be progressive or conservative. There needs to be a thousand YOB groups, and maybe one day they will exist, but until then we need to support the cause as it is now – to love and support those kindred souls that God has placed in our path, regardless of the physical distance.

Ed, 63, Alabamapledging monthly since September 2018

I decided to pledge because I want to support the podcast. I haven't found a podcast like this in my native language (Spanish) and I find it very encouraging that you guys touch on topics like masturbation, porn, male intimacy, friendships, etc. from the SSA/gay perspective and always point to the Lord Jesus; for me personally it is very hard to do so on those topics beyond the Christian clichés, so I feel very supported and accompanied. It's my hope and prayer that you can carry on the same direction.

Andres, 30, Chilepledging monthly since November 2021

I love being in and supporting a community of brothers where our different stories are heard…and seeing how similar they are. A safe space to be heard and loved and seeing people share those stories for the first time. This is why I support and engage with the brotherhood known as YOB.

Matthew, 36, Texas pledging monthly since June 2017

I follow YOB mostly through the podcasts, where from the moment I first heard Tom and the others share their stories, I knew I belonged and wanted to be a part of this community and support it. Especially as someone in the closet who feels he lives this life constantly unseen, it means so much to be known and loved here in the YOB community. Thank you YOB for giving me a home away from home!

RP, 61, Washingtonstarted pledging October 2016

As a person who has been a single gay Christian pursuing biblical sexuality my entire adult life, and closing in on middle age, YOB has provided me a safe space to connect with other brothers who understand my life circumstances, and can help empower me to live as a man of God in ways that no other group of men can.

Jacob, 42, Nebraskapledging monthly since August 2016

Prior to finding the YOB blog and podcast, I never would have imagined a safe space to have such candid and vulnerable conversations surrounding same-sex attraction and other men’s issues. And once I experienced the virtual and in-person retreats, I knew I had found my people and that God was doing something truly special through us.

Andrew, 28, Texaspledging monthly since April 2020

I joined YOB after having gone through some soul-searching myself and then finding the YOB blog to be so raw and genuine. This group of guys on our Discord server and Zoom calls makes me, a gay, celibate Christian, feel welcome and normal since I am not out of place here. Through our monthly book club, I have enjoyed digging into books I might have otherwise never read, such as "Boy Erased," and I really appreciate having the opportunity to be a part of our prayer calls when we lift each other up in prayer.

John, 43, Kansaspledging monthly since October 2021

I have always treasured the YOB community whether I was a patron or not because of the vulnerable and authentic conversations which are so evident in the different media streams available at Your Other Brothers. I feel safe and accepted in this community in ways that are otherwise not available to me, especially in my church community.

Dan, 59, Ontariostarted pledging March 2018
YOB on Discord

Gain access to our secret (not publicly visible) YOBBERS Facebook group and/or private Discord server! Agreement to group guidelines required for membership (only for 18+ males with a traditional sexual ethic).

Provide questions or comments for upcoming podcasts and contribute to group discussions with fellow patrons.

Opportunity to attend yearly in-person camp retreats and occasional virtual retreats with fellow patrons.

Listen exclusively to our monthly bonus podcast, The YOBaLOGUE.


YOB Zoom Rooms

Receive regular invitations to 60- or 90-minute Zoom video conference calls (“Zoom Rooms”) with Tom, YOB contributors, and fellow patrons! We generally meet the 2nd and 4th weeks of each month on various Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8-9pm GMT and 8-10pm ET.

​We take the first part of our time together to check in with one another, along with meeting any new patrons, before diving into a deeper discussion topic for the rest of our call. These topics generally follow our most recent podcast episode.

​Calls are available to 18+ males with a traditional sexual ethic. Join us for any/all of our time together!

​Join us also to hear about any upcoming YOB news and content before anyone else, and get priority placement with any podcast suggestions!

​Plus, all lower-tier rewards.


YOB Book Club

Receive monthly invitations to the YOBBERS Book Club! Each month on Zoom we’ll discuss a different book relating to faith, sexuality, and/or masculinity.

​We generally meet on the third Wednesday of each month from 8-10pm ET. Come to Book Club having read the book of the month, and bring any comments or questions for the group! Stay for any or all of our two hours together. Calls closed to 18+ males with a traditional sexual ethic.

​Suggest books for future book club entries!

​Join our private Book Club channel on our YOB Discord server to continue the conversation after Zoom.

Plus, all lower-tier rewards.



Individually chat with YOB editor/cofounder Tom for a 15-minute Zoom call each month! Male or female or wherever you fall on the sexuality/spirituality spectrum, he’d love to talk with you.

​These one-on-one calls with community members generally happen the first week of each month with a 3-hour window on some Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night (generally 6-9pm ET).

​Share what’s happening in your life, including how we can be praying for you, and offer any content/community feedback for YOB.

​Also receive a signed and messaged copy of Tom’s book, Struggle Central — or send him your copy to personalize!

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Receive our premier white diner mug, featuring our podcast sign-off! It reads “you are not alone” on the front and “even the sparrow finds a home” on the back.

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Receive one each of exclusive merch items as they become available! Starting with our premier “You Are Not Alone” diner mug, “You Are Not Alone” 6×1.5-in. sticker, our 3×3-in. YOB logo sticker, and 2×2-in. YOB logo magnet.

​Our expanding YOB store is also soon to feature: shirts, hoodies, posters, caps, and more.

​If you have any additional suggestions for YOB products, please let us know!

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