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The Challenges and Callings in my Mixed-Orientation Marriage
The Challenges and Callings in my Mixed-Orientation Marriage

Together, we are still invited to the same calling in marriage: to bear the image of God and represent Christ and the Church in our love for one another. Why would I share this part of our married life, my sexuality, which some may see as so private so as only to be known to one's priest or pastor?


YOB ConvoCast 088: Matt Has Always Lived with Family while Closeted with Them
YOB ConvoCast 088: Matt Has Always Lived with Family while Closeted with Them

Matt returns to discuss his home life: always living with his family even as he enters his late thirties! He explains the importance of family within his Navajo culture, sharing why he enjoys regularly going home to the reservation after moving away from it. But Matt also shares why he doesn’t disclose anything about his sexuality with his conservative family. Despite this withholding, Matt feels at home with his churches and friends, particularly his male friends, claiming he’s never felt more masculine and comfortable in his body than he does now. Will he always live with family, or does he aspire for another living situation in the future?


Support YOB with Our New STORE!
Support YOB with Our New STORE!

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