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Your Other Brothers

Older and Single: Aftermath of My Friend’s Suicide

Eryk had no spouse, no children, no parents, and only a distant half-sister. Eryk became dangerously depressed, and no one was close enough to effectively do anything about it. I can certainly put myself in Eryk's place and understand how he could become depressed. But I didn't take the time and effort to notice and take action.

YOBcast Episode 038: Fathers

How did our fathers affect our upbringings as men with same-sex attraction? How do our fathers still affect us today? What does Father's Day mean to us, if anything? Tom and Elliott welcome back Dean for a discussion on fathers and Father's Day. Additionally, our YOBBERS submit questions for Dean to answer from his perspective as a father.

Our YOBBERS Retreat Was the Worst

In this episode of MANLY MONDAY, I process our recently held YOBBERS retreat -- including my favorite element and my least favorite aspect of 47 dudes from all over the world uniting in a single place. What was great about our retreat, and what was just awful about it? I have much to say about our emotional weekend together and life's mountaintop moments at large.