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To Recognize the Fairness of Men
To Recognize the Fairness of Men

To recognize Christ as fairer than the sons of men, maybe I must first recognize the fairness of men themselves. Not boil down and shy away from the patterns of fairness I behold in them, but simply say, "Hey, he is very beautiful."


YOB ConvoCast 085: Tom & Harrison Break Down Male Friendship!
YOB ConvoCast 085: Tom & Harrison Assess Male Friendship!

Harrison Bly joins the show to discuss masculine friendship! Harrison is a member of our YOBBERS community and the author of Bent on Men, a book recently featured in our monthly YOBBERS Book Club. Both Tom and Harrison reference their books, sharing what happens after some pivotal friendships change, fizzle, or even disintegrate entirely after the final page. They discuss the friendship dynamics of connecting with straight men as well as fellow "Side B" men. What are the challenges or even road blocks to forming various male friendships? And what do we do with this loneliness epidemic which has hit men hard?


Support YOB with Our New STORE!
Support YOB with Our New STORE!

After 5+ years, we've finally launched a YOB store! Check out our "You Are Not Alone" diner mug, along with YOB stickers, a magnet, and Tom's first book. With more items to come!