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What I Want from My Perfect Fantasy Guy
What I Want from My Perfect Fantasy Guy

Even if all the sexual stuff with men is wrong in God's eyes, I still just want to be with a man physically from time to time. Is that wrong too? Does God really care if I share my bed with another guy, as long as there's no sex?


YOB ConvoCast 081: Tom & Andrew Review "Heartstopper" and Discuss Asexuality!
YOB ConvoCast 081: Tom & Andrew Review “Heartstopper” and Discuss Asexuality!

First-time guest Andrew joins Tom to discuss Netflix’s "Heartstopper"! It’s a queer coming-of-age show that many in our YOB community have enjoyed, though its depictions of queer romance could also be distracting for some (nothing sexual in the first two seasons, just lots of same-sex kissing). We discuss what we loved from the characters in romantic pairings to the loyal friendships that ultimately reinforce this show. We devote our remaining time to the show’s lone asexual character as two people in YOB who identify as asexual ourselves. What did we resonate with in this character, and where was the disconnect?


Support YOB with Our New STORE!
Support YOB with Our New STORE!

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