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Thanksgiving is the Worst! And Also Yearlong.

It’s another edition of the Manly Monthly! Our recap of the month that was at Your Other Brothers and a dive into gratitude during what can be a hard holiday season. Also Tom waters his new plants and fights a wasp!


We’re BACK! Introducing our new (totally not old) video series: the MANLY MONTHLY! I talk the new series format and give some highlights of this past summer, including hosting our second YOBBERS retreat and attending the second Revoice conference. I also close with a quick dive into John 6 and why, above all other paths, Jesus is the one we’re following at YOB.

State of the YOB! April 2019

The scenery may have changed, but the game is still the same! Despite the melted candle. It’s our monthly roundup of all things YOB, from our blog to our podcast to our video channel. Check out our content from April.

The Last Ever Episode of Manly Monday?!

It’s the last Manly Monday ever! Or, wait, is it? Find out in this month’s video, where I also discuss the upcoming YOBBERS retreat, a church men’s retreat from which I just returned, the dreaded comparison game, and the prospect of encountering giants in our already promised land…

State of the YOB! March 2019

It’s our monthly roundup of all the content we created this month with Your Other Brothers! Special thanks to our thoughtful viewer who sent in a new crate of matches! Here’s to thousands more “State of the YOBs” and “Manly Mondays.”

CrossFit Reveals My Biggest Struggle is Masculinity

This month, I talk about joining CrossFit and how it’s been a vital outlet for my intense emotions as well as an equalizer of masculinity among other men. Unlike my gym workouts from high school days past.

State of the YOB! February 2019

Relive the month that was February 2019 at Your Other Brothers with our monthly community recap: State of the YOB! Also, Tom desperately needs some new matches.

It’s Okay for Men to Cry

Is it okay for men to cry? Jesus did, as we see in the famed Lazarus story of John 11. But what about men in today’s culture? In this month’s episode, I talk about crying over the death of a dog and the death of a car and how it’s okay for men to have a more sensitive side. Even if it’s the only side.

State of the YOB! January 2019

It’s our monthly roundup of all the happenings at YOB! Pardon my almost-swearing in the intro. We had a great month of stories and content to kick off the new year!

State of the YOB! December 2018

It’s our monthly lookback on all the blogs, podcasts, and videos from Your Other Brothers! What do you think of the new chair?! Don’t get used to it. Also, do I drink weirdly?? Don’t answer that.

“Pray the Gay Away” This Christmas

Have you ever tried to “pray the gay away”? God’s way of doing things often — nearly always — involves an exorbitant amount of waiting, process, and journey. It’s a brand new MANLY MONDAY, featuring Simeon’s story from Luke 2, the concept of Jesus coming to earth as a baby rather than a man, and my bangs.

State of the YOB! November 2018

It’s a special 3-year anniversary edition of State of the YOB! Your Other Brothers has existed for three years now, and we can’t thank our supporters enough. Thanks for making this community what it’s become the last three years.

My Two Greatest Struggles as a Man

Tom shares his two greatest masculine struggles: capability and beauty. To counter those long engrained voices, he dives into 1 Samuel 17 and Psalm 139 for stories and thoughts from everyone’s favorite ruddy poet-king.

State of the YOB! October 2018

It’s our next installment of State of the YOB! Our monthly roundup of the blogs, podcasts, videos, and all things YOB produced in October. Watch also as Tom struggles to light a candle and the camera battery dies!

Jesus Wants Us All to Come Out

It’s National Coming Out Month. For this month’s MANLY MONDAY, Tom takes a look at the hunchbacked woman of Luke 13, relating her 18-year story to his own 19-year journey of coming out and finally bringing the dark below to light.