The scenery may have changed, but the game is still the same! Despite the melted candle. It’s our monthly roundup of all things YOB, from our blog to our podcast to our video channel. Check out our content from April:




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  • Thanks so much for this! I just feel terrible about being out of the loop now due to my mother’s serious illness. She is getting stronger and better now…we have both a nurse and physical therapist coming each week to help.
    All of the stress and lack of sleep and not eating right led me to become violently ill myself and I must take care of myself in order to be a caregiver. So, I just mostly read now and don’t comment on much anywhere now unless I feel like I may have something to add worthwhile, which I am afraid isn’t much.
    It would be great to have a “band of brothers” at this time, but I have the Lord and His help to carry me forth in this valley. I do hope you will understand and know my heart is still with YOB!

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