What happens when intimacy with another fails to fulfill or runs out altogether? Can we ever ask for more intimacy? Can we trust again when intimacy is lost? Join Tom, Ryan, and Jacob in the second of our two-part discussion on intimacy. We revisit last month’s episode with an insightful listener comment about spiritual intimacy as well as a response on same-sex intimacy from one of our straight male listeners!

We share more of our most meaningful intimacy stories, including how one particular moment with Ryan and Jacob is one for Tom’s intimacy “trophy case.” We also start the episode with some “brother beats” on fatherhood and … underwear! What could be more fittingly intimate?

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Enjoy our MORE INTIMACY episode! And don’t forget to comment below: how have you seen healthy intimacy either cross boundaries or disintegrate altogether? Have you lost any hope for future intimacy with another?


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  • This intimacy podcast should be a showcase for all who have given up to say that there’s more! It reminds me of that song by America:
    This is for all the lonely people
    Thinking that life has passed them by
    Don’t give up
    Until you drink from the silver cup
    And ride that highway in the sky
    Seriously, that silver cup can be found if you try hard enough like Tom, Jacob, and Ryan. It is reality to find wholesome intimacy like these brothers have found. Don’t short change by going to gay bars, apps, or the parks for one night stands. There’s better!

    • This makes me think about how wholesome intimacy takes patience to find and patience to develop. Even if you’re resolved to seek out wholesome intimacy, you might not find it very quickly, and it might take years to develop into what you hope for.

  • Enjoyed the podcast. .if other men can express their wishes for intimacy (or closeness as the case may be) face-to-face & not by text message, I guess I can too. Hope you get your Thieves sponsorship. I sure am getting pop-ups from them & other men’s underwear suppliers. It’s as if they know that beneath this oxford cloth button down shirt & chino exterior, there’s a wild colorful man.

  • I really appreciated the underwear conversation. This exact thing happened to me: this past year, I decided to branch out too. It’s been an interesting and confidence-boosting experience; I feel validated that other people have the same idea.
    Just “a little energy that only I know about”. Best way to put it. Thanks YOB!

  • Since we’re on the topic of underwear I will talk about mine. I usually wear typical boxer briefs in gray, dark blue, or black. Sometimes when wearing gym shorts I use Underarmor compression shorts.
    I live with a group of straight guys in their late 20s, so I wear a similar style to what they do. Especially at my age, if I tried to wear anything too wild I would get a lot of laughs (the bad kind) when my housemates saw my laundry.

  • New to this blog, and this was the first one I listed to. Loved it. Related to so much of this and the other 5 that I binged on since Monday. It’s been great hearing all these different conversations and seeing how I relate to pretty much all of them. And I’ve also been on my own underwear journey as well and I have to agree that Pair of Thieves is the most comfortable ever!

    • So great to have you with us, Chris! Glad you’re resonating with our discussions on the podcast. Looking forward to hearing more from you with future episodes. And glad to hear you’ve discovered the wonder of PoT!

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