We’re BACK! Introducing our new (totally not old) video series: the MANLY MONTHLY!

I talk the new series format and give some highlights of this past summer, including hosting our second YOBBERS retreat and attending the second Revoice conference.

I also close with a quick dive into John 6 and why, above all other paths, Jesus is the one we’re following at YOB.




  • I thought that because I am a man, I did not have a monthly. It seems I was wrong. Thanks Tom.

      • Ya, that was my feeble attempt at humor. Don’t change a thing. My mind is sometimes like spaghetti. One thing connects to another and things come out of my mouth (or keyboard) that do not make sense to anyone else because they are not in my mind. The only reason I thought of it was because of a memory of an old friend. She would call her cycle “Mr. Monthly Visitor”, implying that it was a man she really did not care to engage with. I think it’s an experience that no man will ever be able to fully appreciate….

  • I am glad you started this segment back up. It feels a bit like a monthly newsletter I receive from a missionary friend. Maybe someone doesn’t have time to check out all the posts, but to have a quick recap on what happened in the ministry of YOB might allow some people to know where to dive in, as well as how they can pray for us and for you.
    I also appreciated the words at the end to point us all back to Jesus.

    • A monthly email newsletter has been in the works for quite some time now, and I think the regular videos will be a nice companion to it. Always looking for ways to keep our entire audience up to date, whether they find us and primarily connect through blogs, podcasts, videos, the Facebook group, or whatever else the outlet. Thanks for watching, Ben!

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