Matthew returns for a second go on the podcast as we dive into Gen Z fashion trends! Have the ’80s and ’90s just had a baby and its name is Gen Z? How do we feel about the enlarging of pants, the sprouting of pearl necklaces, and a resurgence in New Balances and Champion sweatshirts? Beyond their fashion choices, how do we feel about this generation’s greater openness about sexuality and same-sex friendships? Tom poses some community fashion questions to Matthew as we get to know him better, namely how many hats, shoes, and flannels he owns. Finally, we look back at our fifth camp retreat held a few months ago, reveling in our victorious volleyball match against a group of teenagers. Matthew also shares with us a snippet of what he shared at the retreat when he got to speak for us one night, including the reminder that God is working and loves to work on us slowly.



What are your go-to fashion preferences, whether you’re Gen Z or otherwise? Did you attend this past YOBBERS retreat and have any fond memories to share? And should Matthew get a thigh tattoo in his 40s??

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  • I was at the retreat and it was a great time…already planning for the next one.🙌🏼


    Heck yes!
    Matthew should get a thigh tattoo! (awesome legs)
    How about a cross?
    Or a footprint?
    Or something that makes you pray about something or someone when you see it. (or others)


    Dang…he has great advice and wisdom and very thankful for him.
    But elder?! I’m 20 years older than Matthew so I’m feeling like a fossil.

    And Third…

    30 flannel shirts! WOW!

    Keep up the good work Tom!



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