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YOB ConvoCast 075: Tom & Matt are Making "Side A" Friends!
YOB ConvoCast 075: Tom & Matt are Making “Side A” Friends!
Matt returns to share how he celebrates Thanksgiving with his Navajo family and helps us commemorate Native American Heritage Month. Matt and Tom also discuss the topic of "Side A" friendship -- that is, friendships with gay believers with an affirming theology. Matt mentions a new Side A friend he's made, and Tom discusses his own recent experience with a Side A person, comparing it with a stilted interaction from over a decade ago.
YOBcast 067: “Side A” Friends Q&A
We're back to answer some amazing YOBBERS questions from our "Side A" Friends podcast from a few episodes back. Join Tom, Dean, and Matt for another deep dive into the world of "Side A" friendships: that is, those friendships with fellow LGBT+ believers who hold an affirming view of same-sex sexual relationships. Some questions we tackle in this follow-up episode include: Would you go to a Side A friend's gay wedding? How would you pursue Side B friendship if you were the one who is Side A? And how do we apply Paul's words on sexual immorality in 1 Corinthians 5 to the modern church?