Daniel Marquez

I'm a mid-twenties human being born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and I'm currently residing and soul-searching in London. Having grown up in an American-influenced Asian background and now living in a European environment, I try to bridge the gap between cultures, sexes, and exes. I'm an Enneagram type 747-400 and Myers-Briggs type ICBA. My love languages are Quality GIF's and Words of Memery.
YOB ConvoCast 037: Tom & Daniel Hear the Voice of God!
Tom welcomes back our resident Filipino Londoner, and the second Daniel in as many weeks! We catch up with Daniel on the other side of COVID as he now attends three small groups simultaneously. We mourn the loss of our international flavor at this year’s YOBBERS retreat, but we also discuss possibly holding Zoom calls more relative to European time zones? With increasing UK and European support, Tom wants to travel overseas soon to visit Daniel and all the other YOBBERS. But does even the sparrow find a spare room? Finally, the guys share how they hear from Holy Spirit. Can you
Internalized Homophobia Returns: Coming Out to My Church Team Leader
Internalized Homophobia Returns: Coming Out to My Church Team Leader
Something came crashing into my mind when Peter asked me to be a team leader at church: a stream of familiar feelings, similar to the ones I felt the first time I had to come out. They were feelings of inadequacy; the line of thinking that I was in a somewhat state of sinfulness that compelled me to
Coming Out to My Church Small Group
Coming Out to My Church Small Group
I'd spent a long time laboriously looking for a community to belong, and I'd finally found one. With this new community, though, came a growing fear – the fear of eventually being rejected. If they knew me, like really knew me, would they still want to be friends with me or even associate with me at all? If these people were to reject me for my sexuality, I thought, it would be better to experience that rejection now by just ripping off the bandage rather than going deeper into relationships that would only be taken away
Your Other Brothers ConvoCast • 024
YOB ConvoCast 024: Tom & Daniel Speak Filipino Gay Slang!
This episode Tom convos with one of our authors, Daniel from London! We catch up with the no-longer-unsung hero of the YOB website and our recently held YOBBERS digital retreat. We hear how the pandemic is going across the pond, and Daniel teaches Tom some Filipino words and phrases — including some gay
Loving Others More Affectionately Didn't Turn Out as Expected
Loving Others More Affectionately Didn’t Turn Out as Expected
2019 started out with a vision for a cosy, snug year, bundling up in the warmth of other people's bosoms. For those summer months, I was blessed to see that vision fulfilled, experiencing and giving love just the way I wanted. As for the rest of the year, well, God sure taught me another side to loving people than what I'd
YOB ConvoCast 015: Tom & Daniel Dissect the Nuclear Family!
Tom welcomes back Daniel to dissect his latest blog post on the nuclear family, including a shout-out to Marshall and his unconventional household. Daniel also gives his perspective on America's obsession with freedom and ways to pass the time in quarantine…like
The Coronavirus Pandemic and the "Side B" Community's Special Role in the Church
The Coronavirus Pandemic and the "Side B" Community’s Special Role in the Church
Before all the lockdowns started as the coronavirus pandemic spread around the world, I started writing this reflection about how my experience in the "Side B" bubble could play a bigger part in the Church and, in turn, the wider world around me. When this whole pandemic broke out I thought, What better time to play our part but
YOB ConvoCast 006: Tom & Daniel Zoom Across the Pond!
Tom welcomes new-ish author, Daniel, to the YOB airwaves for the first time! Daniel shares about life in the UK during this coronavirus pandemic and how his family is doing in the Philippines. The guys also talk about how "Side B" folks are uniquely prepared for something like this pandemic and how our mission of loving God and loving people has never been
Deciding to Love Others More Affectionately
Deciding to Love Others More Affectionately
In the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen, a fun idea came to mind. Instead of coming up with a new year's resolution that would require me to exert some striving effort or discipline, I thought of a fun goal for the year instead. I wrote something in my prayer journal; it's a prayer that became my goal for the year. But what did "To love more affectionately and not robotically" actually
"Coming Out" of the Country: Learning Who God Is
"Coming Out" of the Country: Learning Who God Is
It was an unfamiliar city on the other side of the world, and not one soul knew who I was and what I was about. For the first time in my life I felt free, unrestricted to do anything and be anything I wanted to be. What will I do? Where will I go? Where will God take me? Who's God