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Eugene Heffron

I’m a young twenty-something still trying to find my way in the world. Lover of all things creative, I am a drawer with an intuitive mind while also a deep thinker. I can be a person of extreme opposites: one moment a lone wolf, the next a social butterfly. One moment joyful and optimistic, yet sad and melancholic the next. As I came to terms with my SSA I met fellow SSA Christians and formed deep intimate bonds. I’ve always longed for brotherhood and, at last, I have found it after years of social isolation. I am glad to be apart of this community of bloggers and share my stories and struggles, joys and sorrows, dreams and longings.

My Straight Friend Won’t Touch Me

He was never physically affectionate; we’d never even hugged. I wanted to touch him not out of a sexual desire but from a longing to connect with him as love with a brother. I dreamed of a day when we could embrace and confess our brotherly love for each other. I put my hand on his shoulder once. He brushed it off.

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I Used to Hate Gay People

I couldn’t be like these people. They seemed like the antithesis of everything I stood for. Finding out that the Bible forbade homosexual sex only fueled my self-righteous anger. To assert my masculinity and avoid being labeled gay at all costs, I joined my other straight male classmates in mocking gay people.

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Bro Cuddling: A Beginner’s Guide

I’ve cuddled with many fantastic men, all same-sex attracted. I can say with absolute certainty that these moments have been some of the most beautiful, moving, and totally platonic expressions of intimate love. I’d recommend reading these basic pointers based on my own past experiences with bro cuddling.

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I Am an Unlovable Vampire

I lurk among the shadows contemplating my existence. This castle is old, the walls creaking and groaning with the battering of the howling wind. The only soul within this castle is me, and I’d rather it be that way, for I’d rather be alone with my thoughts. Yet at the same time, I don’t want […]

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How to Handle Male Rejection

I may have mentioned once or twice (okay, so in a five-part series) that I’ve long had a thing with nudity. It’s been a long and complicated relationship with nudity, and it’s led to some more painful areas. I was living far away from home in another state working a temporary job. It was late spring, […]

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I Wanted a Brother at the Nudist Resort

After years of trying to find guys in my area with whom I could be naked and vulnerable, I moved to a new city for a temporary job. Luckily for me, I learned this new city had a lot more nudists — and not just nudists, but nudist resorts and beaches galore! I thought I’d […]

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Male Nudity Will Fix Me

What if I did partake in male nudity in a non-sexual setting? What if I could make my nudist desires feel more normal and less of a sexual fantasy?

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