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Kevin Zimmerman


Born and raised in the Midwest, I find my heart bent toward nature and travel. Things that I love? Traveling, cooking, trying new food, hiking trails, exploring other cultures, the arts, stories – told and read – summer camp, and lists (seriously). Personality tests run the risk of putting people into boxes, so I'd rather let you get to know me before sharing what I "test" as. "Sojourner" is a term I'm becoming more comfortable using to describe myself and my lifestyle. Random facts about me: I played the bassoon for eleven years and can speak French. Let's journey together.

When My Plans Get Disrupted

Twice within the span of a year, my passion and my future was taken from me. The future I strove for changed without my permission. The ways I influenced and encouraged others – stolen.

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Authenticity with Jesus and Others Isn’t Easy

While I often complain about a lack of community, I also keep people at a distance. Only during this socially distant time of coronavirus have I realized something: maybe my community felt lacking because I wanted it to solve all my problems. And finding a community that felt authentic, one where I could be vulnerable, couldn’t exist because I wasn’t connected with Jesus.

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Why I Go to Pornography: Kicking Off #NoPornNovember

I usually head to porn when I’m stressed, anxious, confused, tired. My counselor once asked me if I go to porn to feel power, to be in control. My first response was no — I don’t feel powerful at all when I seek out porn. I feel weak and helpless. But maybe there is a control aspect to my porn usage.

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What Happened After Coming Out at My Christian Camp

One night, I had a sexual dream about one of the male cabin leaders. I didn’t want my past to ruin the summer and my connections with the other male staff. On several previous occasions, telling my story had helped me break down some of the awkwardness I felt. So, I grabbed the cabin leader supervisor and shared my story with him.

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Allowing Myself to Thrive in Missional Community

“God has placed us together for a specific reason — that the times, stories, and experiences we share are beneficial for each other,” she said. This led to discussion about how community requires vulnerability. Even with a wide open invitation, I remained a silent listener in the community.

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Am I Man Enough for This Team?

The voices flooded my mind. How useless am I not to protect the females on the team? I am so weak. I am nothing like the other guys on the team. What am I even doing here?! With all that had been going on, my team director decided to have a chat with me.

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Crying with Hope at the YOBBERS Retreat

As that final morning sped by, I found myself wishing I had been more present that weekend. I don’t cry easily or often. Yet tears flowed multiple times during our YOBBERS retreat weekend. And now a few more times since.

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Please Don’t Let Our Second YOBBERS Retreat Suck

We recently held our second annual YOBBERS retreat: a weekend gathering for our financial supporters and community members on Patreon. Several of our authors attended, and we discussed our time together — both highs and lows — in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Who Am I to Lead Others?

Did I want to be in leadership, or did that role need to be filled? I felt inadequate. To lead. To be an example. To show my non-Christian roommates Jesus and love. To be a good friend.

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That One Summer My Friend Declared His Love for Me

How was I to respond to my friend’s declaration? After everything that had happened in France, I felt even more confused about relationships and sexuality. My faith seemed in limbo, without much support from my summer community, so I didn’t know where to put my friend in my life and understanding of faith.

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