YOB ConvoCast 021: Tom & Jacob Lose Touch!
Tom welcomes back Jacob to talk about his new buzzed haircut as well as personally thank him for gifting him his new favorite product: sleep gummies! The guys also break down their string of missed text communications and what bearing these technical mishaps have had on their friendship. Additionally, universe (especially any Twos listening), you are now obligated to send Jacob chocolate.
YOB ConvoCast 020: Tom & Nate Lose Control!
Tom welcomes back Nate to explain why he’s suddenly now on TikTok after dissing the app in his last ConvoCast. Tom also gives some TikTok and book recommendations, and the guys delve into a conversation on control – namely, losing it – during this coronavirus shutdown.
YOB ConvoCast 019: Tom & Dean Go Back to Pawnee!
Tom welcomes back Dean for a once-in-a-lifetime recap of the pandemic-prompted return of "Parks and Recreation." It’s literally all they talk about the entire episode, and it’s glorious.
YOB ConvoCast 018: Tom & Matt Speak Navajo!
Tom welcomes back Matt for an in-depth conversation on his Native American heritage. The guys recount their experience at a diner in the Navajo Nation, and Matt shares his love for Native American fry bread. He also teaches Tom about his four clans as well as how to say a couple Navajo words!
YOB ConvoCast 017: Tom & Andy Have a Totally Normal Conversation!
Tom welcomes back his younger brother Andy for a follow-up conversation on dating a girl during this coronavirus pandemic, the movies "Mid90s" and "WALL-E," and a slightly awkward birthday meal over Zoom. It’s a totally normal conversation between two brothers.
YOB ConvoCast 016: Tom & Ben Met at an Irish Pub!
Tom welcomes Ben to the YOB airwaves for the first time to talk about pastoring a church during this coronavirus pandemic, including the digital challenges of having an older congregation. Ben also reveals what his wife thinks about YOB, and the guys recount their first meeting at an Irish pub during Revoice last year.
YOB ConvoCast 015: Tom & Daniel Dissect the Nuclear Family!
Tom welcomes back Daniel to dissect his latest blog post on the nuclear family, including a shout-out to Marshall and his unconventional household. Daniel also gives his perspective on America's obsession with freedom and ways to pass the time in quarantine…like TikTok.
YOB ConvoCast 014: Tom & Jacob Murder Turkeys!
Tom welcomes Jacob for a conversation on increased cooking capacities during this coronavirus pandemic, including the pros and cons of creamy mashed potatoes. Tom also talks about holding his birthday meal over Zoom with his family, and the guys dive into the legality and emotions of killing chickens and turkeys.
YOB ConvoCast 013: Tom & Marshall Acquire Furniture as Adults!
Tom welcomes back Marshall to toss the idea of his house of 15 people becoming the next TikTok "Hype House," Marshall’s father’s declining health in a nursing home during this coronavirus pandemic, and the process of acquiring furniture as adults. Tom also closes the episode with a little tribute to pastor and dynamic speaker, Sy Rogers, who passed away recently.
YOB ConvoCast 012: Tom & Dean and the “Of Course, Tom” Face!
Tom welcomes back Dean to talk about Easter egg hunts in quarantine, Tom’s eggs, killing cacti, more TikTok talk, the IRS stimulus checks, and Dean’s love for Pastor Matt, AKA Weird Jesus.