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Your Other Brothers

Finding Another Word for “Brother”

I came to see how often the word "brother" was being used around me. The word was being thrown around constantly. And I saw that I was one of the ones who used "brother" the most. In my desire to embrace this new brotherhood, I had actually started ruining the word for myself. I had worn out this once meaningful word until I couldn't even bear to say it anymore.

YOBcast Episode 039: Strengths

We're so focused on repairing our weaknesses, we often neglect our God-given strengths. What would our lives look like if we recognized and intentionally built these strengths? Tom and Elliott talk about their strengths from Gallup's Strengths Finder. They first took the test five years ago and recently retook the test with new results! They talk about their old and new strengths and how these strengths tie to their faith and relational journeys of the last few years.

How to Follow the Will of God

In this episode of MANLY MONDAY, we dive into the concept of the will of God. How do you find it, and what does it look like? Does the will of God look the same for everyone? I share a campfire experience from our recently held YOBBERS retreat and also dive into my experience finding the will of God, including an image of a father and a son that changed how I view the will of God.