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Your Other Brothers

Why I Want to be LGBT

The LGBT community depended upon each other when they had no one else. And now they stick together closely, fighting alongside each other. The LGBT community isn't perfect. However, the LGBT community still finds a way to come together for a common purpose. And, honestly, this is attractive to me.

YOBcast Episode 036: Puberty

How did puberty affect our childhoods, and how does it still impact us today? Physically, emotionally, relationally, and sexually? We dive into the physical changes we experienced, our family dynamics, the comparisons we made to other boys, and ultimately this matter of "sexual awakening."

Why I Don’t Try Anymore

This week, Tom dives into goals and goal-setting. It's a winding journey of success and failure in matters of sexual temptation and otherwise. One little word, try, can prove fatal. Tom talks about making the switch from TRY to another, more personally beneficial three-letter word.