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Dean Samuels

I live for God. Every decision I make is done in seeking His Will. My beliefs are made through seeking the Truth of Scripture and meditating on the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am deeply in love with my wife, Lisa. I have the world's most amazing daughter who shall remain nameless and ageless in order to guard and protect her. I am obsessed with TV shows and movies. I enjoy reading. Eating is usually enjoyable. I am highly critical of everything around me and always have an opinion on every matter.

I Wouldn’t Change Anything About You

You shouldn’t have to hide you are. You should be able to be honest about every part of yourself and be accepted and loved for it. And your friends and family should be the biggest supporters of your life as you do so.

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The Art of Communicating a Love Language

My second greatest “love language” is quality time. I communicate and receive love simply by being physically present with someone. We can be silent for hours — but if we are “intentionally” together, then I perceive it as a sign of care and love. I wasn’t here for him; I was here for me.

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I Define My Gender Identity

I’d transition to being a woman. I’d find a man to love me for who I was, and I’d become his wife. I’d run away with him and find freedom to be the woman I was supposed to be. This is not what happened, of course. Some would call it a mercy; others, a tragedy. I call it taking ownership of my gender identity.

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More Than Just My Best Friend

Once I had exhausted my words and my voice, he stepped right in and began pouring out every bit of encouragement he could think of. He kept his arm around me and continued to encourage me. It was as though I’d crumbled right in front of my best friend as he carefully helped build me back up.

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Our Sexuality Doesn’t Make Us Friends

It seems as though everyone around me assumes that, simply because someone else struggles with their sexuality, I will become friends with them without any trouble. Friendships take a lot of work. Sexuality — that is just one minor aspect of a relationship.

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How My Porn Addiction Began

What started that night was three years of an unchecked porn addiction. I never felt guilty. I don’t know why. Perhaps because I felt like I wasn’t hurting anyone?

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Am I Still Attracted to Men?

People who do know me, who do know my past, do they still question my attractions? Honestly, I kind of want people to ask me if I’m still attracted to men.

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YOBcast Episode 025: Best Friends

Tom and Elliott welcome back Tom’s younger brother, Andy, for his second YOBcast appearance. Also appearing for his second show is Dean, one of our authors who also happens to be Andy’s best friend. We talk about their relationship as best friends and what having a best friend means to all of us.

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Happiness for My New Friend Before He Moves Away

“I can’t believe it’s your final day, man.” This was it for my friend, Henry, working at our church. The four weeks since our conversation had passed way too quickly. Henry turned his chair to me, leaned back as he always does, and sighed. I couldn’t tell if it was a sigh of relief or a sigh […]

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