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Will Cooper

Greetings from the friendly country of Canada. As I write this, I am drinking a French press coffee and listening to Arcade Fire on vinyl with my prayer journal, a pile of books, a piano, and a typewriter next to me. Some may say I am a hipster, but I do not really like culturally constructed identities in an attempt to place my personality in a box. I read a lot of theology and philosophy, and I do much research in that area (it’s kind of my job). When I am feeling particularly adventurous and motivated, I will watch a hockey game and drink a beer with my friends -- like every good Canadian.

Why I Hated Marriage

Some of the happiest periods of my life took place during college and grad school. I lived with a group of eight guys, and they were the greatest friends one could ask for. As their dating relationships grew more serious, I felt myself going down on their list of priorities. Some of those friends got married. And our friendships effectively ended.

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Was Celibacy the Right Choice?

Once in a while, I get into times of doubting — specifically regarding my choice of celibacy. I know there exists the possibility of marrying the opposite sex but, frankly, I do not see that happening. I used to desire a family, but I have changed all of those plans because of my faith. Am […]

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Losing the Greatest Community of My Life

Two years ago, I moved away from an incredibly close community of guys. I first met these guys during my first year of Bible college. We all lived in the same dorm, and we grew incredibly close. I disclosed my attraction to the same sex to all of them just a month or two into […]

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