Coming Out of "Love, Simon" with Gratitude
Coming Out of “Love, Simon” with Gratitude
Beyond its romantic, mysterious plot-line, Love, Simon is an exploration of queer adolescence in the 21st century, complete with social media postings and aliases. The coming out experience lies central to the story, as Simon explores the new terrain of his sexuality with friends, family, and his entire school. I'd love all straight people – straight Christians – to watch Love, Simon, because it will show them how gut-wrenching (and also beautiful) the coming out process is for a gay person: of finally letting another human into the biggest secret of one's life.
One Day You'll Actually See Me, Mom
One Day You’ll Actually See Me, Mom
My mom didn't start saying she loved me until she became a Christian in the early 80's. Now she says it almost every day, and I feel like she's doing it to make up for all those lost years. As far as I'm concerned, those "I love you's" are empty because she's been saying it to the straight Michael she's always preferred instead of the Michael actually in front of her. And because of that, I've learned to tolerate her acknowledged denial of my life.
Readying Myself for Coming Out to My Mom and Dad
Readying Myself for Coming Out to My Mom and Dad
After about a year, the little gay boi in the closet started knocking again and wanted to come out. The desire to be known started to germinate from that dark, cold, humid corner. The next person placed on my heart to tell was my mom. From my point of view, we weren't that close and I didn't feel very loved. Coming out to my mom was probably the hardest coming out I had to do.
My Dad Knows I Watch Gay Porn
My father found out about my gay pornography use. He wanted to help me. And then my father never spoke to me about gay pornography use again.
Overwhelmed by My First Gay Feelings
Overwhelmed by My First Gay Feelings
My middle school years were some of my most difficult times. I started noticing other guys and growing overwhelmed by my first gay feelings.