Your Other Brothers Podcast | 086: Revoice 2021
YOBcast 086: Revoice 2021
Revoice exists to support and encourage Christians who are sexual minorities so they can flourish in historic Christian traditions. They recently held their first in-person conference since 2019, and we gathered to debrief our weekend together in Dallas! Which speakers resonated most with us? What moved us, and what challenged us? Join Tom, Ryan, and Aaron for our recap of Revoice 2021, including an inaugural gender minorities panel that will stick with us for a long time.
Seeing Myself in the Secret of Crossdressing in "Ed Wood"
Seeing Myself in the Secret of Crossdressing in “Ed Wood”
My teenage self saw a lot of me in Ed Wood. I may not have ever wanted to crossdress, but I still held my own big secret with homosexuality. I identified with this concept of struggling with a secret which society considers taboo.
YOBcast 065: Loving LGBT+ People w/ Bill Henson
Bill Henson of Lead Them Home, Posture Shift, and Guiding Families joins Tom, Ryan, and Dean for a special guest discussion on loving LGBT+ people – both inside and outside the Church. How do we better understand LGBT-identifying people or those who experience same-sex attraction, and how do we love them well?
I Define My Gender Identity
I Define My Gender Identity
I'd transition to being a woman. I'd find a man to love me for who I was, and I'd become his wife. I'd run away with him and find freedom to be the woman I was supposed to be. This is not what happened, of course. Some would call it a mercy; others, a tragedy. I call it taking ownership of my gender identity.
The Flags I Fly Over Myself
The Flags I Fly Over Myself
If I strictly fly the flag of my sexuality, I view the world solely through my attractions. I see everything in life as related to homosexuality.
When Christians Can't See Through LGBT Eyes
When Christians Can’t See Through LGBT Eyes
Wherever you stand on these issues can we not first try to understand all the viewpoints? Can we not attempt to see the issue through LGBT eyes?
The Gender I Was Made to Be
The Gender I Was Made to Be
As a man who strongly considered becoming a woman, I have a unique gender perspective that most Christians cannot fathom. Still, I wanted to be a man.